The secrets to a successful relationship – according to Positive News readers


” Sleeping individually. Strong, continuous sleep in different spaces and with bed linen of our own choosing has been the bedrock of our pleased and durable relationship for 15 plus years.”– L Patel, Wurundjeri Country, Australia.

” Say thank you for absolutely each and every single thing your partner does– making the bed, cleaning, cleaning up, making a cuppa. When theyre small and speak calmly (how you start is how you finish), raise problems. Take an eager interest in the crucial things in their life. Be joyful and lively.”– W Nash, Sydney, Australia.

” Keeping our specific interests and own identities. Remembering we are a group, and for that reason not positioning blame. Being kind and honestly grateful to each other. Not depending on them for our joy, or to fulfil every requirement. Making eye contact. Not taking things personally. Joint foot massages on the sofa. Holding each others individual difficulties with tender care. Remembering that relationships are a possibility for discovering and development. Being daring and finding fun.”– M Campbell, Inverness, Scotland.

” Probably most significantly, we make sure to have a good time together, whether its mountain biking, doing jigsaws or perhaps going after each other round your house.”– Nico, Bristol, England.

A lot of you stated how essential it was to share meals together. Image: Brooke Lark.

” Faith has been the driver and incentive to our keeping our love alive. We agree to have a deep dedication to making it work between us, which can fuel your resolve when things get hard.”– L Lou, United States.

We asked Favorable News readers what makes their relationships go the range. From compassion and interaction, to participating in tantra workshops and jumping around in mosh pits, this is what they needed to say

” Try and amaze them as soon as in a while by doing the unanticipated for them.”– J Whittington, Kent, England.

” Like numerous men, my husband is not especially loving, demonstrative or caring. He is practically absolutely not able to verbalise what he feels. Disappointing, I slowly acknowledged that he expresses love quite much only by what he does. His vacuuming, grocery shopping, and so on are acts of commitment. His house and lawn upkeep are demonstrations of dedication to our future. The gushy stuff is not going to happen here, but I cherish as treasures these continuous and consistent acts of pure love. Its the best he can do (for 43 years) and I love him just as he is.”– S Thompson, Richmond.

” As romantic as it may sound to consider my other half my partner, or even the piece of the puzzle that finishes me, the truth is that we must first be entire separately. Without genuine love for ourselves, we can only provide conditional love to each other. Only when we are complete as individuals can we begin to truly love and appreciate our partner, along with all of the gifts they give this world.”– M Fisher, Nathrop, Colorado, United States.


” I believe the trick of our relationship is sincerity. Being able to say whatever comes and whenever it comes.

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” Keep the relationship open for the other to explore with other individuals, sexually and emotionally.”– V Sentis, Santiago, Chile.


” We talk about everything, especially things that are frustrating us. We attempt to bring things into the open as quickly as possible so it doesnt get bottled up and multiply.

” Making an effort to be really kind to each other is, in my view, the most important secret to a relationships success, and the very best way we need to show love.”– Jess, London.



” We believe of it as a balanced boat. Often one individual battles and we have to move the boat to compensate. For 33 years, marital relationship and parenthood have actually brought us both terrific delight.


” The number one philosophy we live by is that love is a choice, not a feeling.– S L, Austin, Texas.

Lots of people worried the importance of keeping the enjoyable going. Others had less traditional– but obviously no less reliable– recipes for remaining together, including having open relationships..




” I think you have to let go of the idea that your relationship has to be best, thats impossible. Forgive quickly, discover from mistakes and find and attempt laughter in hard times.

Different beds.

” Myself and my partner have been together for 15 years, and it might sound easy but we constantly ensure we have breakfast together. Its an everyday ritual for us. We both do our own kind of exercise first thing and always satisfy at 7.30 at the breakfast bar, music on, fresh coffee made. We read a day-to-day stoic reading, and chat about its meaning and our thoughts. We talk about everything and nothing while enjoying our brekkie, enjoying nature in the garden and the daybreak over the sea. Its such an essential part of the day, and one I value and look forward to.”– R Burgess, Penarth, Wales.



Counterintuitively, possibly, some of you promoted sleeping individually. Image: Lux Graves.

” Do the work. This includes therapy, if required. Continuously interact your requirements and guarantee their requirements are fulfilled. Constantly respect each other. And have fun together. Once in a while together so you have something to share, select a pastime or fun activity to do every. It keeps things exciting to see your partner be proficient at something they like.”– Zee, New Jersey, US.


” Exploring some things together. We went to a tantra workshop and it was hot.”– Anonymous.

” We have actually been married for nearly 56 years and are still smashingly in love. We think the secret to our long, fight-free (arguments, yes) years is shared assistance to be the real individual we each are. Along the way, we have had many obstacles, consisting of losing our first infant son, however rebounded to raise three successful children.”– T and G, Shoebridge, Ontario, Canada.

” If among us is having a hard time, the other one always comes from a location of compassion, attempting our finest to see things from the others point of view. Likewise, we play video games, do face masks, take pleasure in mosh pits and searching for homewares.”– J Scott-Howes, Leicester, England.

” Even though were getting older (Im almost 65) we make sure to have a date night every couple of weeks and have sex. Preparation it in advance implies we can warm and prepare up, it keeps the intimacy going even though our sex drives have actually lessened, and its constantly charming to get close in that way. Its the laughter, the hug every morning and the shared joy in our life in the countryside that keep it stunning.


” Affection produces affection. Caring words make you feel more loving.”– BRJ, Oxfordshire, England.

” In our 23-year relationship I bring liberal ideology while my partner brings conservative pragmatism. This may sound unstable, but in reality regard brings circumspect thinking.”– Gee.

And in the spirit of giving each other space, we had to cut some down to permit for more inclusions. Thank you to everyone who got in touch.

” In our 23-year relationship I bring liberal ideology while my partner brings conservative pragmatism. I had actually never ever believed about it too much, however its something weve done considering that the beginning of our relationship, 20 years earlier now.” I proposed to my partner the night we met and after 38 years together, I think its a delighted, effective relationship. We are ready to talk about even the difficult things, to confess that in some cases the relationship is hard, that other people are appealing, and that doubts or frustrations pop up.” I believe you have to let go of the idea that your relationship has to be best, thats impossible.

Wanting to go over the difficult stuff iskey, stated a lot of you. Image: Cloud1902.

Whoever said romance was dead should take a look at the Positive News inbox. Since we asked readers to share the tricks of their relationships success, we have been flooded with responses. Its been inspiring to read them all– and read them all we did..


” Joy. Pleasure together, and delight apart. We savour the time we spend with each other, whilst also welcoming time spent apart.”– Anonymous, Squamish, BC, Canada.

Owning mistakes.

” Honesty and communication. We want to go over even the difficult things, to confess that often the relationship is hard, that other individuals are appealing, and that aggravations or doubts appear. We can do this because we pick to overcome them, to choose each other. And likewise, make space for enjoyable and silliness. Laughing together does wonders.”– J Gunnars, Sweden.

Possibly unsurprisingly, some essential themes emerged. Respect, trust and kindness came up a lot.

” I proposed to my partner the night we fulfilled and after 38 years together, I think its a happy, effective relationship. Weve been through a lot, including the death of a child, and I think the secret of success is constantly having the ability to listen and talk to each other, supporting each other and understanding that we were constantly in it for the long-term.”– S Harpum, London, England.

Keeping fun going, consisting of in mosh pits, was a repeating theme. Image: Jay Wennington.

” Curious regard for our similarities and distinctions, and a desire for each other to be well and happy is at the core of our relationship.”– A P, Brighton, England.

Being spirited, in bed and out of it, was very important to a lot of you. Image: Womanizer Toys.

I told my buddy about this and she thought it was fantastic to be with somebody who doesnt dismiss things outright and is prepared to always talk about it. I had actually never thought about it too much, but its something weve done considering that the beginning of our relationship, 20 years earlier now. Im sure its been the trick of our relationships success.


” Being fully considerate of each others requirements. I am an introvert with mental health concerns, and my partner is an extrovert with none. He understands I cant always featured him to social and family things, and I know that he requires to go to them. We have time together and time for ourselves.”– K Richardson, Plymouth, England.

” One of our successful relationship tools is confessing when you have actually acted in a way that is not practical to the relationship.”– S Wooster, Alton, England.

The important things that keep us together.


This ridiculous word conserved our relationship in the early days, while we were still figuring each other out. We chose to utilize a code word if one of us was distressed by something the other person was doing or said. When goat was screamed, we stopped whatever and talked it out, discussed things from both sides (and making sure to listen and acknowledge the other persons perspective).

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