Water Intoxication: Causes, Signs, and How to Avoid It

Can water be so harmful that drinking excessive can trigger death?
Can you consume too much without understanding it?
Just how much is excessive?

When it concerns water, just how much is too much? You understand that you need great deals of H20 to be healthy and keep your body functioning, however did you understand that you can drink too much and put your system in threat? Its called water intoxication, and it can be deadly.
Stories of Deadly Encounters With Water Intoxication
Take, for example, Chico State University trainee Matthew Carrington. According to CBS News, Carrington joined the Chi Tau house fraternity in 2005, and he was taking part in their hazing rituals for entry. He needed to consume a five-gallon bottle of water.
The student was only 21 years old, however this much water was undue for his system to manage. Carrington established hyponatremia, which according to the National Library of Medicine, is a condition where the body takes in an abundance of water, and the salt levels drop quickly. The fluid is taken in into the blood stream rather than removed, and the water makes its way to the brain.
Another example of this becoming a deadly disaster accompanied Jennifer Strange, according to NBC News. She went into a radio contest to win a gaming system. She needed to see just how much water she might drink without going to the bathroom.
The contest was promoted as “Hold Your Wee for a Wii.” The 28-year-old would never take such a threat had she recognized better. She had 3 children and was trying to win the video gaming console as a gift for her kids.

These are all concerns that stories like this make individuals wonder, especially those who are trying to hydrate their bodies when doing strenuous exercise and labor-intensive jobs.

What Causes Water Intoxication?
Its often referred to as water toxin, but you ought to know that its irregular. The typical person will get such a condition by simply consuming a few bottles each day. The issue takes place when you take on substantial amounts of water, and your system can not flush it out quickly enough.
All the excess liquid has nowhere to go, so it backs up and goes into the blood stream. It takes a trip to every part of your system once it goes into the blood. The most unsafe part is your brain.
Your body has electrolytes that are accountable for keeping your cells ionized. When water floods these cells, your electrolyte balance ends up being off-kilter. Have you seen sports beverages that restore your sodium, magnesium, and potassium?
Now, too much water in a brief period can be hazardous. Sports drinks are mostly made from water, so while they help some with electrolytes, they can likewise trigger water intoxication.
5 People Most Susceptible to Water Intoxication
Youre not in any risk of consuming more water than your system can handle by simply taking in a few bottles every day. However, the real risk is available in when youre exercising or doing a labor-intensive task that is causing you to down to rehydrate. The opportunities of you dealing with water intoxication are scarce, though it does happen. Here are a couple of scenarios where being intoxicated by too much water ends up being a reality.
1. People Who Have Mental Health Issues Are More Prone to Water Intoxication
Who knew that there was a psychological health condition where individuals felt forced to drink water? Psychogenic polydipsia is a mental illness in which individuals feel the urge to hydrate their bodies, and they cant seem to get enough. According to the National Library of Medicine, This mental health concern includes other psychiatric conditions, like bipolar and schizophrenia, so it typically doesnt take place alone.
Caregivers need to expect any symptoms of drinking a great deal of water in a brief period or hyponatremia signs.
2. Athletes – – Specifically Runners
While any professional athlete can become intoxicated by consuming water, generally runners experience it. In this instance, its called dilutional hyponatremia, and it doesnt just happen to those who consume water, however it consuming sports drinks will not save you.
In 2002, a research study was carried out and reported on the National Library of Medicine after the Boston Marathon. Officials discovered that more than 13 percent of the participants experienced water intoxication.
3. Workers Who Overexert Their Bodies
There are many scenarios where you sweat and attempt to replace the water lost in the body. Nevertheless, its difficult to gauge just how much youve consumed when you still feel thirsty. Somebody doing a roofing job in the heat of summertime is at considerable threat, particularly if they dont monitor their intake.
While changing some of that water is necessary, its also essential to keep electrolyte balances.
4. Babies Are Subject to Water Intoxication
Among the biggest reasons infants are at risk is their low body mass index. Intoxication by water is normally seen with babies under one year of age. When a young child takes in a terrific deal of water compared to their body mass, it can put their salt storage out of balance, which can cause an inebriated state.
5. Unconscious Persons
The medical group needs to make sure to balance the fluids offered so that there is no electrolyte loss. They co-administer water.
When individuals have a medical condition, like diabetes insipidus, theyre most likely to process the fluids more quickly than somebody who does not have such a disorder. According to Diabetes Insipidus info, it triggers an individual to have an excellent thirst that needs water. They urinate more due to the increased water consumption, which leaves the electrolytes unbalanced.

Six Telling Signs Of Water Intoxication
How do you know if youve drunk more water than is safe? Are there signs that you can determine that reveal youre over the limitation? Here are a few of the most common signs of intoxication by water.
1. Colorless Urine
Your urine must have some color to it, even if its simply a pale straw shade. Nevertheless, when your urine has no color, its concerning. If youve intoxicated more than 8 or 10 glasses of water, and have clear urine, get to a doctor.
2. Headaches
Most individuals dont know that a headache suggests dehydration. When you get a headache, you reach for a non-prescription treatment. Its frequently the drink of water that assists more than the aspirin.
If you have a pounding headache and have taken in a great deal of water, it can symbolize being intoxicated by water.
3. Frequent Urination
The typical individual should urinate around 6-8 times each day. Anything more than urinating ten times daily is an indication that youre flushing electrolytes too.
4. Swelling of Hands, Feet, Legs
Huge amounts of water trigger the cells in your body to expand, which your inflamed extremities can identify. Not only will you see swelling in your hands and feet, however you will also see them turn a various color due to a loss of flow.
5. Muscle Weakness
When theres an electrolyte imbalance in the body, it will trigger things like cramping and muscle spasms. A bit of coconut water or a sports drink can help put things back in balance.
6. Fatigue
When your body overloads on water, your kidneys must work overtime to flush your system. Anytime one of your organs is working more than it should, it can trigger you to be fatigued. Even having the energy to get out of bed might be too much, so this is certainly something to watch.
Other things to expect include these:

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When it comes to water, how much is too much? She had to see how much water she could consume without going to the toilet.
Sports drinks are mostly made from water, so while they assist some with electrolytes, they can likewise trigger water intoxication.
Couple of individuals know that theres something to drinking more water than your body needs. When youre involved in sports or working outside, drinking more water to hydrate your body seems just natural.

Nausea and vomiting
Dilated students
Bradycardia, or a slowed heart rate
Lung edema

Last Thoughts on Water Intoxication
Few people know that theres something to drinking more water than your body requirements. When youre involved in sports or working outside, consuming more water to hydrate your body appears only natural. While, in theory, this holds true, you should bear in mind that your body has a fragile balance of electrolytes that can not be interrupted.
Have you ever heard somebody state that they needed to consume a banana since their potassium was low? Potassium is one of the main electrolytes, as well as sodium. Actual water intoxication is uncommon, however the cases dont make the media as much as other illnesses, but it doesnt indicate it exists.
As long as you drink the suggested water consumption for your weight and height, you shouldnt have any issues. The actual issue is that the majority of people do not get enough water, not to mention excessive. There are times and circumstances where this can become a danger. If youre one of individuals at threat, understanding the consumption limitations and looking for any symptoms is critical.

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