Grieving dog refuses to leave 22-year-old owner’s grave during his funeral


” Its simply an awful ending to something that shouldve never occurred,” he stated.

Warner was a “common country young boy,” according to his uncle. His household raises chickens for Tyson Foods, and he matured helping in growing row crops and reproducing livestock.

When Christy found out of her sons death, her world was shattered.

” Its like I had an out-of-body experience. I just collapsed. My entire world was burglarized a million pieces,” she told the Tennessean.

We do not know much about how pet dogs understand death, but Ace appeared to understand where his owner had gone during his funeral service. The loyal dog made sure to never leave his side.

James William Warner tragically died at the young age of 22. His loss broke the hearts of his household and good friends, who explained Warner as someone who wished to “keep a smile on everyones face.”

Warners uncle is Tennessee state representative Todd Warner, who explained his nephew as someone who “liked life and liked individuals.”

Another family member was heartbroken over Warners passing– his dog, Ace.

The police have actually detained the 25-year-old suspect, a kid of a judge, after an alert was sounded in the area for his whereabouts.

Christy stated that Ace went to school with Warner every day during high school and waited in his truck.

Experts have weighed in on whether canines grieve for their departed human owners.


At the funeral, Ace didnt leave the caskets side. And when Warren was lastly put to rest, he lay down on the tomb and refused to get up. The dog appeared to grieve, wishing to be as close to his owner even after he had actually passed away.


” Every second I stuck with Will was a happiness. He was simply bigger than life, he was just a good boy. He was so personalized,” she included.

According to a relative, Warner brought Ace to church and every household function. When he saw Warner or when he called for him, she remembers him hanging out in the flatbeds and just getting down. Its clear that the pair shared an unique bond.

” Weve been robbed of whatever. Every last ounce of closure or peace that we could potentially receive from biding farewell, we didnt get to do,” Warners mom continued.

In a heartbreaking photo shared on Facebook by Warners mother, Christy West Warner, the canine is seen lying atop his owners fresh grave.

As a kid, she stated that Warner enjoyed riding on four-wheelers and playing in the creek and mud.


Everybody liked him, and so did his faithful pet dog Ace. During his funeral, the grieving puppy declined to leave his owners grave.

When he was still alive that the dog was really ravaged over his death, Warner should have loved Ace so much. Only a good owner would make that sort of loyalty from an animal.

” This dog is so unique and Will was so pleased with him,” she said.

Out animals lives focus on us, so when were gone, its the equivalent of losing whatever for them. Worse, theres no other way to discuss the unexpected loss of the individual they loved.

Warners body was heavily broken down by the time it reached Christy and her husband, James Robert, so the burial required to be done instantly. The family didnt even have time to select a casket for their kid.

Mason, James sibling|Facebook

At the funeral, Ace didnt leave the coffins side. And when Warren was finally laid to rest, he lay down on the grave and refused to get up. The pet appeared to grieve, desiring to be as close to his owner even after he had passed away.

“When an owner dies prior to her animal, it can be a complicated, unfortunate, and difficult period, even if arrangements have been produced the animal to be taken care of by another person,” said Russell Hartstein, a Los Angeles-based licensed behaviorist and canine trainer.

According to a family member, Warner brought Ace to church and every family function. She remembers him hanging out in the flatbeds and just getting down when he saw Warner or when he called for him.

This is certainly an awful event for everybody included. We hope for healing for Warners household and buddies and, naturally, his friend Ace.

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