Scientists have found a way of turning popcorn into home insulation

Many existing insulation materials are derived from nonrenewable fuel sources, however a new type made from popcorn offers a natural alternative

Popcorn might soon be used as a natural option to manmade insulation, after researchers found a method of turning the film treat into an eco-friendly structure product.

Home insulation has become a relevant subject in current years, particularly in the context of the environment crisis. Keeping homes warm (and cool) is one of the main challenges in the race to net zero, with structures producing around 40 percent of worldwide emissions..

Main image: Yulia Khlebnikova.

Scientists stated popcorn supplies excellent thermal insulation and excellent defense against fire. Image: Bachl Group.

There are also questions about the sustainability of some existing insulation products. Lots of are made out of plastic– a by-product of fossil fuels– and are tough to dispose of. Seventy 2 individuals perished in the blaze, which spread out quickly due to the buildings external cladding and insulation.

Teacher Alireza Kharazipour, head of the group that developed the popcorn boards, said: “This brand-new procedure, based upon that of the plastics industry, makes it possible for the cost-effective production of insulation boards at a commercial scale. Specifically in the field of insulation in building and construction, this makes sure that natural insulation products are no longer just niche products.”.

It stays to be seen the length of time the popcorn boards will last compared to manmade alternatives, and whether they might bring in specific types of hungry wildlife.

There are also concerns about the sustainability of some existing insulation products. Lots of are constructed of plastic– a by-product of nonrenewable fuel sources– and are difficult to get rid of. There are the security issues, as highlighted by the Grenfell Tower fire in London in 2017. Seventy 2 individuals perished in the blaze, which spread quickly due to the structures external cladding and insulation.

The group behind the innovation stated the boards had “exceptional thermal insulation properties and excellent security versus fire”. They added: “the great benefit of this granular product is that it is a plant-based, ecologically friendly and a sustainable option to the items stemmed from petroleum presently used in the market”..

Offering what they say is a sustainable and safe option to existing house insulation are scientists at Göttingen University, Germany, who have actually created a method for turning popcorn into insulation boards..

Göttingen University has actually signed a licence arrangement with Bachl Group, a building materials business, for the business use of the process and the products.

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