Startup company develops airless bike tires using NASA technology to end flats and reduce waste

WISE, a startup co-founded by “Survivor: Fiji” champ Earl Cole and engineer Brian Yennie, is set to introduce a brand-new item based upon the innovations of NASA: an airless bicycle tire.

SMA permits a tire made completely of interconnected springs, which doesnt require inflation. This suggests that its likewise resistant to punctures but can still provide equivalent or much better traction when juxtaposed to inflatable rubber tires. These airless tires likewise include shock-absorbing capabilities.

In collaboration with NASA through the Space Act Agreement, SMART has developed their METL tire. It is the first fruit of the startups collaboration with NASAs Glenn Research Center, where NASA engineers Dr. Santo Padula and Dr. Colin Creager initially came up with their so-called “shape memory allow” (SMA) innovation.

The Smart Tire Company


These airless tires can also last the lorrys life time or perhaps longer, saving billions of pounds of waste and upkeep.


And its not just an annoyance; its likewise a security risk– tire failures are responsible for 20% of roadside emergency situations. Under-inflated tires likewise minimize fuel performance.

These high-performance airless bike tires are coated with an unique rubber-like material that works fantastic in the world roads.

The METL tire is set to end up being readily available to the basic public by 2022. After that, SMART objectives to bring SMA tires to the business and vehicle automobile markets.

The tire market is also incredibly wasteful. Every year, more than 50 billion pounds of utilized tires end up as waste, which goes into landfills or is burned in tire yards. Furthermore, 20 to 30% of microplastics in the ocean come from tires.

Dr. Padula and Dr. Creager developed an alloy that can return to its shape at a molecular level. To put it simply, it can deform to adapt to uneven surface and revert to its original type without losing its structural stability gradually.

According to Car & & Driver Magazine: ” The benefits of this type of tire are apparent. Not only does it get rid of prospective concerns with temperature or pressure affecting a gas-filled tire, it also gets rid of the possibility of deflation.”

SMART aims to provide a solution to this problem with its SMA tires. Without the need for air pressure, these tires are safer and require less upkeep than standard rubber tires.

If youre stressed over the resilience of an SMA tire, SMART states that its “elastic like rubber, yet strong like titanium.” It features a radial style that can support a massive 20,000 pounds with a single tire!

The Smart Tire Company

Here is University of Akrons research partner teacher Heather Oravec discussing the system behind the SMA tire..

You might visit the Smart Tire Company website if you d like to know more about this NASA-invented innovation. You can likewise join the waitlist for METL bike tires here.

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SMART has actually partnered with several industry leaders to develop items that can deal with real-world issues. Among them is Felt Bicycles, a company known for its high-performance bikes. As the startups tactical partner, they will contribute to establishing the very first METL bike tire.

And its not simply a nuisance; its also a security danger– tire failures are responsible for 20% of roadside emergencies. Under-inflated tires likewise minimize fuel performance.

The tire market is also exceptionally wasteful. Every year, more than 50 billion pounds of used tires end up as waste, which goes into landfills or is burned in tire backyards.

These airless tires also come with shock-absorbing abilities.

The Smart Tire Company.

The development and widespread usage of these airless tires will significantly help our environment and save bike and lorry owners cash in the long run. If we use less, we waste less– which is real for the SMART tire and its components.

Another SMART partner is Spin Mobility, an entity owned by Ford Motor Company The 3rd largest rental fleet will contribute to the advancement of eBike technologies and electrical scooter tires.

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