‘She came home from work ten minutes late, mom beat her to a pulp. That was the night I told her to escape’

She ended up getting her degree. And shes still looking after me in such a way. Diamond let me move in with her when I had no place to go after college.

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I informed her Never return, Diamond. Never come back. And she never did. She went to foster care. She remained in a shelter for a while.

She d constantly make us supper on Sunday. Diamond just kept feeding us treats: Welches fruit snacks, Cheeze-Its, Honey Buns.

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I know shes having a little difficulty navigating nursing school applications best now. If anybody would like to coach her through this process, or would like to offer other support, please reach out.


Update from HONY:$ 10,000 from the Humans of New York Patreon was provided to Diamond and Jonnelle to assist with nursing school and other expenditures.

She never got to play. She never ever got any good friend time. Or if she ever did, she had to bring my little sibling along in a stroller. When our little sister was born, it became a double stroller. Diamond made certain we ate.


Diamond got it the worst. One night Diamond came home from work ten minutes late. I told her Never come back, Diamond. When I had nowhere to go after college, Diamond let me move in with her.

I keep in mind the day my little brother got back from the medical facility. Diamond had to begin seeing him immediately. She was only ten years old at the time. She was doing bottles, diapers, whatever.

Shes been a mommy because she was a little kid. Diamonds exhausted. Shes never ever closed the door on me.

She does not have a fantastic task today. Shes raising a toddler by herself. However shes still helping me pay for classes, so I can go to nursing school. I understand shes so exhausted.

She d inform us to go watch Sponge Bob. Or read our books. Due to the fact that of Diamond that I read so much, its.


None of us were desired. Diamond was born.

Diamond got it the worst. She tried to protect us from it. Diamonds dark.

And Mom never forgave her for that, so she didnt let Diamond have a childhood either. She had to take care of all of us.

Diamond just kept feeding us treats: Welches fruit treats, Cheeze-Its, Honey Buns.

One night Diamond got home from work ten minutes late. And my mother beat her to a pulp. That was the night I told her to get away.

I cant stand the taste of those things any longer. None of us can. There was just one bed room in the apartment. It was The Bedroom, for my mama. And thats where the striking happened.

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