‘Greener, healthier, safer’: one of London’s busiest streets goes car-free

Red buses and black cabs have actually been replaced by pedestrians and skateboarders down among the capitals most iconic streets

A pop-up skatepark marks the start of the improvement of the Strand. Image: LDA Design.

Those behind the job, dubbed Strand Aldwych, state they wish to produce a car-free cultural area where art is “made and displayed”, and pedestrians can amble. The roadway is an entrance to the West Ends theatres and nearby Covent Garden..

Main image: A making of the plans for Strand Aldwych. Credit: LDA Design.

Westminster city councillor, Matthew Green, stated Strand Aldwych would offer a “green sanctuary” in the heart of the city at a time when lots of people were returning to London as the pandemic recedes..

” More and more people are beginning to return to our city, so there is an urgent need to deal with concerns with pedestrian blockage and security, bad air quality and noise,” he stated. “Our new strategies for Strand Aldwych provide us an opportunity to build back much better.”.

One of Londons most famous roads has been recovered from the automobile as part of strategies to create a “green oasis” in the heart of the city..

Cannon Ivers, who leads the task, stated: “I see a changed Strand Aldwych as a location where the innovative procedure is made noticeable– where art is made, not just shown, where efficiencies are practiced not simply performed.”.

London isnt alone in reclaiming road area for pedestrians. Earlier this year, Paris announced strategies to reimagine the Champs-Élysées as a pedestrian-friendly street, while Birmingham, Barcelona and Oslo are amongst the other cities with strategies to drive cars out of metropolitan areas.

An area of the Strand that was frequently choked with red buses, black taxis and white vans is now house to a short-term skatepark. The facility– situated outside Somerset House and Kings College London– will remain throughout September, while strategies are finalised to turn the three-lane stretch of roadway into a place for relaxation and entertainment..

He added: “Reclaiming the Strand from traffic for individuals will develop a greener, healthier and much safer piece of city, maximizing the terrific St Mary Le Strand Church and making the street resistant and visually abundant.”.

The project is being provided by Westminster city board, in addition to partners consisting of Kings College London, Somerset House and the Society of London Theatre. Work is because of be total by 2022.

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