Man gives abandoned puppy who used an old boot for shelter a whole new life


He found the small pet dog near a pile of trash, where the bad thing was using an old boot to protect herself. The puppy was clearly too young to be without a mother, but Goran couldnt discover any older pet dogs close by.

As Coco restored her strength, her true personality started to shine through. Ends up, she likes individuals and always keeps a pleasant mindset!

Goran Marinkovic is a big enthusiast of animals. Whenever he strolls the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia, he ensures to bring some food to provide to strays in his area.

” Passing a narrow pathway, I heard sobbing originating from the rocks,” he told The Dodo. “She was cold, thirsty and starving. I had food, so immediately I provided her salami.”

” She was exhausted,” Goran recalled. “She knew that I might be her only chance, so she put down and gave up to fate.”

Goran approached the sickly-looking puppy, and she instantly trusted him, resting and exposing her belly to get rubs.

Goran wanted to discover Coco the finest house, so he reached out to one of his buddies and fellow rescuers who had connections with global animal adoptions.


He was immediately flooded with messages from individuals providing to adopt the puppy when Goran posted images of Coco on Facebook.

Every day, Goran feeds more than 100 stray canines and cats with no people to care for them. However in March last year, he encountered an abandoned young puppy he knew he could not leave.

Goran got the pup and brought her to the vet. He was afraid she would not endure after being left alone for so long, oversleeping undesirable conditions. Fortunately, the pet dog– whom he named Coco– was a fighter.


Once Coco finished her vaccines, she was flown to her new home in Germany!

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After a year, Coco became nearly indistinguishable. From being a sickly, unclean pup hiding behind an old shoe, she has actually now become a healthy and lovely pet dog! By merely taking a look at her, you can currently tell that she is getting lots of love from her brand-new household.


This sort of work isnt easy, thinking about the money, time, and effort it requires to make these animals lives better. Fortunately, there are individuals like Goran who willingly handle the duty.


We hope this story inspires you to consider embracing roaming animals in your area. , if you cant find other ways to assist your local animal shelter.. You can volunteer or donate; these animals would definitely appreciate the company.

As a volunteer, Goran does not get any compensation for his honorable work. He usually works alone however often gets help from good friends.

Goran selected up the young puppy and brought her to the vet. I get pictures routinely– theyre at sea right now,” Goran stated. We hope this story inspires you to consider embracing stray animals in your area. If you cant discover other ways to help your regional animal shelter. You can volunteer or contribute; these animals would surely value the company.

Attempt visiting your regional shelter, and you might just fulfill your brand-new friend there! Just keep in mind that prior to deciding to bring an animal house, make sure that you are ready to handle the duty of being a pet owner.

” I conserve animals that are endangered, that reside on the street. I look after animals due to the fact that I enjoy them, I like animals equally whatever, felines, pet dogs, others,” he told Bored Panda.

” [Coco] has a lovely house and she is presently on getaway. I get images frequently– theyre at sea today,” Goran said. “Every saved pet from the street who discovers a house is a success for me.”

There are still lots of roaming pet dogs in Serbia and the rest of the world. But with assistance from individuals who have a heart for animals, every one of these homeless dogs is one action closer to discovering their own happy ending– simply like Coco did.

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