Baby found in a dumpster grows up to be founder of $62-million telecom company

Another remarkable creation that Figgers created was an unique shoe for his dad, who was then showing signs of Alzheimers illness. To make sure his dad would be safe all the time, he developed a set of shoe with a GPS tracker and a two-way communicator.

This is the inspiring story of 29-year-old Freddie Figgers who had an undesirable past but ended up being successful. Who would have believed that the creator of a $62 million Telecom Business was deserted in a dumpster as a child?

Figgers mother deserted him two days after offering birth to him. He was left in a cold dumpster, with no hint of what just happened to him and where this ill-fated situation would result in.

A year later on, Figgers chose to quit school and developed his own Telecom Company, Figgers Communication. He was just 24 when he had actually developed and constructed 80 custom-made software programs.

He returns to his neighborhood by using college scholarships, sponsoring youth programs, paying seniors costs and helping to bail houses in foreclosure.

” I think turning caring into action, and if you see a problem find an option to provide an impact to alter someones life,” Figgers said. “Im going to impact this world and modification today for a much better tomorrow since money is nothing however a tool, but with that tool, we can impact and change everyday individualss lives with chances.”.

Figgers was surprisingly smart as a child and he landed his very first computer system job at 12. When he was 15, he already owned a cloud calculating company. When a tornado hit and Alabama cars and truck dealer lost all their computer system files, he got the concept.

Figgers with his motherFreddie Figgers might be a “dumpster infant” but believing of his unfortunate past didnt get in the way of his success. Instead, he used it as a motivation to strive and accomplish his dreams.

YouTube Figgers daddy would forget a lot of things including using his pants. He was terrified that his daddy would go missing out on or do something unsafe.

They make their own products which are anti-texting and driving portable devices. These cellular phone are also helpful for people with diabetes as it features an integrated cordless blood sugar meter.

The future CEO of a telecom business smiling.Luckily, a loving and helpful couple Nathan and Betty Figgers adopted him. It turned out that Figgers was no ordinary kid. When he was nine years of ages, he got his first computer. It wasnt working at very first however he made it follow a few shots.

Today, at 29 years of ages, Figgers is currently a very effective developer and entrepreneur. His Telecom Company is valued at over $62 million.

Figgers innovation for her Dad with Alzheimers|YouTubeDespite his unfortunate past, Figgers didnt feel any ounce of discouragement. He continued to work hard and focus on his life goals.

FacebookFiggers is certainly a genius and an inspiring innovator. He is not just intelligent and dedicated however he is also born with a huge heart.

If you wish to succeed like him, keep prospering and simply think in yourself.

FacebookTo avoid the exact same circumstance in the future, Figgers discovered a way to back up their details on a remote server. He didnt have an expensive workplace back then so he only did it in his own backyard.

Enjoy this video to know more about Freddie Figgers and his incredible success story:


The future CEO of a telecom company smiling.Luckily, a loving and encouraging couple Nathan and Betty Figgers embraced him. It turned out that Figgers was no normal child. Figgers was surprisingly smart as a kid and he landed his first computer system task at 12. YouTube Figgers daddy would forget a lot of things consisting of wearing his trousers. YouTubeDespite his regrettable past, Figgers didnt feel any ounce of discouragement.

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