South Carolina artist turns discarded metal and silverware into intricate animal sculptures

For Matt Wilson, no piece of metal is trash. Every single item can be conserved and developed into something new, simply as long as one is equipped with the best abilities and creativity.

Instagram” My goal as an artist is to make art work unlike art individuals have actually seen, while at the same time identifiable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will influence others to value the easy, ignored items from which my productions are born.”

InstagramAs Matt continues to make metal birds, his style and process have actually altered throughout the years.

Matt made a hoping mantis sculpture with its head, thorax, abdominal area, and wings made from silverware. Even its spindly legs are made from upcycled metal utensils. This artists attention to detail is excellent.

He welds together spoon heads and fork prongs to create plumage and uses curled metal wire for the winged creatures talons.

” Im dealing with numerous aspects of the birds at once, which enables for a more cohesive collection,” he said.

InstagramWhile Matt has actually worked on several animals, sculpturing feathered friends stay his specialty. Hes able to record the character of woodpeckers, blue jays, owls, and other bird species using metal.

InstagramTo see more incredible animal sculptures made of scrap metals, please go to the artists Instagram, Facebook and Website.

” Its a piece Ive put a lot of time and information into,” Matt exposed to My Modern Met. “I committed a whole month to this bug and am actually happy with the way it came together.”

As the birds progressed, he desired their background to evolve. He got the help of his good friend and fellow artisan, Jacob Kent, to handcraft wood plaques where his metal bird sculptures will be installed.

As an upcycling artist, the South Carolina-based creative has plenty of both. Matt, who studied drawing and painting at the Fine Art Center of Greenville, utilizes discarded things and scrap metal to develop stunning animal sculptures.

Instagram” I see a things somewhere, goodwill, scrap yard and I take it since its cool or because it was a piece that I was searching for,” he stated. “A lot of it is putting it in the shop and remembering where it is so that I can utilize it later.”

Matt is a quick employee, too. He just recently launched a collection of 100 birds on his online store, where it sold out practically quickly.

” The upcycled work I develop is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources, so that the environment in which we live will continue to be an environment in which we want to live,” he composed on his website.

Matt started crafting bird sculptures in 2017, however he has grown his portfolio and now builds animals of all kinds, consisting of felines, squirrels, and pests. Each piece features intricate details that remarkably record the types of these animals.

InstagramMatts objective as an artist goes beyond aesthetics. His upcycled artwork is likewise about valuing our environment and resources.

InstagramCheck out some of Matt Wilsons scrap metal animal sculptures in the gallery below. You can also visit his site and follow him on Facebook and Instagram to see more of his amazing work.

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