‘Age is just a number’: Rankin portraits celebrate sex in later life

Prominent photographer Rankin has coordinated with a relationships charity to shine a light on intimacy in later life, via some striking pictures

” We see every day how not feeling able to talk honestly about desires and requirements can cause an absence of fulfilment and be damaging for individuals confidence and couples relationships. This is what we wish to change.”

The Lets Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex images, which have appeared on billboards across the UK, include a variety of older individuals, from Andrew and Mark who have been together for 31 years, to Chrissie who has had a double mastectomy, pictured above with her partner Roger.

Main image: Rankin.

He included: “This campaign sets out to break convention, and thats what it did, both prior to and behind the cam.”

From long-term love and tender intimacy, to new and more risque experiences, a series of images by Rankin records what sex can suggest in later life.

Gail Thorne, a sex therapist at Relate, said: “It may appear as though its just young people with ideal bodies having sex and being intimate, however obviously this isnt true.

Rankin, who shot the campaign for totally free, included: “The simple truth is that we all need intimacy now more than ever– and age, of course, truly is just a number. The achievement of love and affection– the really things we cant stop composing books, movies and pop tunes about– does not need to alter as we find our later years.”

Research points to a significant link in between our sexual life and our general wellbeing.

Shooting private pictures of five older couples and one female in intimate settings, he signed up with forces with the relationships charity Relate to tackle the stigma around the topic. According to a poll by market research business 3Gem, two-thirds of over-65s state sex and intimacy for their age is seldom or never represented in the media.

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