Woman who had teeth pulled out and leaving her unable to eat cries as she gets stunning smile makeover

Can you picture having all of your teeth took out?

InstagramThe mama told Dr. Wilstead about her terrible story while at his workplace in Garland, Texas. She explained that everything began when her older brother died of cancer when he was 18.

When they got in touch, Brittany simply weighed 79 pounds and was on the brink of getting a feeding tube.

InstagramShe was likewise provided dentures, but they were so large that she could not even close her mouth and eat, triggering her to lose a lot of weight.

Thats precisely what took place to Brittany Negler, 29, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After believing she had killed her bro sick with cancer, she relied on drugs and got so addicted that her teeth began to rot.

She began drinking bottles of Ensure to gain and attempt back some of the weight she was quickly losing, but it didnt work. Desperate for assistance, she connected to cosmetic dental expert Dr. Kenny Wilstead, who happily gave her a $30,000 smile makeover!

Brittany went to a dentist to have them repaired, however she was informed that her teeth werent fixable and she had to get them all pulled.

In a video shared by the dental expert on Instagram, Brittany stated:

Instagram” I didnt understand much better, so I thought I eliminated him. Like, I believed I laid on his breathing tube or something.”

InstagramDr. Wilstead said there was absolutely nothing in her oral records stating that was essential. Brittany was also offered uncomfortable dentures, however it gave her a lot discomfort when she chewed.

The file stated her teeth were fixable by a root canal, however they never informed her that when she spoke with them. All they said was that her teeth werent repairable which they needed to be taken out.

” Im so ecstatic to be here because I just wish to consume once again. I use baggy clothing,” she stated.

Brittany wore a sweatshirt over three T-shirts and had two pairs of pants on to conceal and attempt how thin she was.

When Brittany went to rehab, she admitted to her family that she blamed herself for her bros death. They ensured her that wasnt what occurred and told her “it was just his time to go” and that he desired her to be there when he took his dying breath.

Horrified, Dr. Wilstead stated: “They literally pulled all your teeth and did dentures since of some small [issues]”.

InstagramHowever, Brittanys substance abuse left her with missing out on and rotting teeth. She wished to feel much better about her look, so she checked out a dentist in Philadelphia, however she was told that her teeth were beyond conserving.

Online trolls would likewise swamp her with vicious messages about her missing teeth and how skinny she was, calling her a “crackhead.”.

Brittany admitted she was “ready to call it stops” before she reached out to Dr. Wilstead. Over a series of appointments, the doctor fitted her with a set of detachable dentures.

” For the longest time, I thought I eliminated my brother. He had Ewing sarcoma. One day I got up; I had a feeling not to go to school. So I went and laid in bed with him, and 15 minutes after I laid in bed with him, I heard him gasp, and he passed away right there,” she remembered.

Brittany went to get her records prior to going to Dr. Wilsteads office and stated it looked like the staff simply made it up before she can be found in.

The bullying harmed her confidence that she wouldnt leave your home anymore because her face was sinking in.

” I went to a dark location, Im not going to lie,” she discussed. “I started hanging out with the bad kids, began doing drugs to numb the sensation. I got really depressed. I was like, I require to look after myself.”

Brittany was a teen at the time, and her family separated soon after the tragic loss. She believed that was her fault, too, due to the fact that she had unintentionally killed her brother.

InstagramThe outcome was spectacular– Brittany used a brand-new smile, and she looked beautiful!

Brittany thinks that “smiles actually do alter the world,” and to pay it forward, she is raising money and preparing to begin a non-profit to help individuals smile once again!

Brittany shared her whole dental makeover story on TikTok, and she discovered that numerous people were fighting with the very same problem she had.

If Brittanys dentures felt excellent while she consumed, Dr. Wilstead and his wife later on took her to their favorite restaurant to inspect.

In the video, an emotional Brittany checked out the mirror and burst into tears as she saw her new smile for the very first time. She jumped out of her chair to offer Dr. Wilstead a big hug, clearly grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime gift.

Here is the video of Brittany Neglers inspiring oral remodeling.

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” I went to a dark location, Im not going to lie,” she described. Wilstead stated there was absolutely nothing in her dental records stating that was necessary. Brittany was also provided ill-fitting dentures, but it gave her so much discomfort when she chewed.

One day I woke up; I had a sensation not to go to school. I went and laid in bed with him, and 15 minutes after I laid in bed with him, I heard him gasp, and he died right there,” she recalled.

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