This dad meets homeless man on the street, finds him a home and becomes his best friend

Kuczmarski returned to California to see his child however he also desired to help his new friend.

He didnt simply help Pineda get his life back together but he also gave him the most fantastic present– a gorgeous and exceptional relationship.

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Source: Scott KuczmarskiKuczmarskis goal of helping his good friend start a brand-new life has come to life and now, he aims to assist break the preconception of homelessness.

Kuczmarkskis next objective was to find a house for Pineda. Though their house-hunting journey got a little tough, they discovered the ideal house for Pineda in Rhode Island.

It is a small cabin in Foster, which is just an hour far from Kuczmarkskis home. They developed the home together and utilize Pinedas expertise in carpentry.

Kuczmarski said.

Source: Scott KuczmarskiRobert Pineda is a 50-year-old male who had been homeless for 32 years. When he was riding a bike with all his belongings, Kuczmarski observed him.

A lot of individuals look down on homeless people rather of helping them.” I would like individuals to make connections with the homeless.

Now that Pineda lives near to Kuczmarskis house, their friendship even grew. They hang out a lot and play golf together. Pineda also hangs out with Kuczmarskis family and is always present at all their events and gatherings.

Kuczmarkski likewise coped with anxiety and anxiety and has a sibling with bipolar affective disorder. This is why he quickly discovered the indicators of mental issues in Pineda.

Kuczmarski said.

To reveal Pineda that he genuinely cared about him, Kuczmarkski invested the night with him on the street.

Source: Scott KuczmarskiAs the only individual who seriously assisted Pineda and befriended him for the last 10 years, Kuczmarski is worthy of to be lauded as a hero who altered a homeless mans life permanently.

He was all smiles, not troubled by the challenging situation he remained in. Kuczmarski felt embarrassed of himself because he tends to frown over little things while this homeless male keeps smiling despite his situation.

After reading Dalai Lamas “The Art of Happiness,” Kuczmarski understood that assisting others is an excellent method to obtain joy. He started offering out water to homeless people and didnt have anymore plans beyond that.

” I would like people to make connections with the homeless. Get out of the cars and truck, say Hey there, my name is Scott. Whats yours? What brings you to this corner? and just listen,” Kuczmarski said.

He then approached Pineda and spoke to him over coffee. He learned a lot about him and his family. He understood that even though they live in different locations and they have different lives, they have great deals of things in typical.

Now that Pineda lives close to Kuczmarskis house, their friendship even flourished. Pineda likewise spends time with Kuczmarskis household and is always present at all their gatherings and celebrations.

Not everybody has the gift of empathy and altruism. While some individuals simply overlook the homeless, Scott Kuczmarski went out of his convenience zone to help a homeless male who ultimately became his best pal.

Nevertheless, whatever changed when he met a homeless male on the street of Palto Alto in California.

A lot of people look down on homeless individuals instead of helping them. He likewise believes that giving them food is insufficient. They likewise need social connections with other individuals.

Source: Scott KuczmarskiThe next day, they right away went to Peninsula Center to have Pineda inspected. He was detected with symptoms of schizophrenia and was prescribed medication for his health problem.

Source: Scott KuczmarskiWhen Kuczmarski went back to his house in Rhode Island, he stayed connected with Pineda through e-mail and Facebook. They yapped and shared stories, that made them even closer.

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