Little kids surprise their favorite UPS delivery driver by dressing up like him

YouTubeIn a video caught of the minute, the kids and the canine can be seen running from around the corner to surprise the precious UPS delivery motorist. One child who was too young to run is seen being brought but still totally dressed up.

This UPS shipment motorist named Kevin Lounsbury is one example. Considering that the pandemic begun, he has actually been often visiting a South Boston neighborhood to provide packages to its homeowners.

During this pandemic, weve depended on our hardworking delivery drivers more than ever. They get us our fundamentals, however often, they bring us something more.

The kids leap with enjoyment, and they even got to take a look at the back of the truck carrying all the bundles.

YouTubeThe regional children always eagerly anticipate seeing Kevin because of his friendly temperament.

To show Kevin their appreciation and love, Lisa and the other families in the area planned a surprise for him by dressing up their kids in UPS uniforms. Even an adorable pet was in on the strategy!

” You people are amazing,” Kevin said. “Youre gon na make me weep.”

Kevin ended up being more than just the person who delivers bundles; he ended up being a buddy to all.

” He welcomes us every night with a beep and smile,” said Lisa.

” Every single time he d boil down the street– the kids have actually been caged inside throughout the day– he d simply provide a little toot on the horn and it just brought excitement to all the kids days,” she stated.

YouTubeAccording to Lisa Kennedy, the families in their neighborhood have established an unique bond with Kevin– particularly the children.Whenever they hear the “beep” of his horn, they get thrilled as he gets here bearing packages every day.

” My 2-year-old child believes that all UPS chauffeurs are Kevin, so whenever she sees a UPS cars and truck on the road shell begin shouting theres Kevin, theres Kevin,” another South Boston parent called Heather Cosgrove stated.

” Of course he brings all of us our basics, however he likewise brings so much joy and enjoyment to these little faces,” Lisa composed in a Facebook post. “A real silver-lining in these insane times.”

See their surprise for Kevin play out in the video below

Jenny and her next-door neighbors thought Chad should have to be rewarded for his service, so she arranged a “Thank you, Chad” event for the precious UPS shipment chauffeur.

When the opportunity provides itself, Chad always goes the additional mile, like that time when he thought an unwrapped bundle was implied to be a present.

She created an occasion page on Facebook, and it ended up raising a little over $1000! When they provided him with the surprise, Chad couldnt help but shed a few tears.

Click HERE if you want to understand more about Chads story.

” It was a tearjerker. It was humbling and really touching,” he said.


Do you know any delivery motorists like Kevin and Chad who have been working extra hard this pandemic? If you do, make their day by providing them water, snacks, or a beautiful smile when they come by!

FacebookChad truly goes above and beyond, and when the pandemic began, he began working 60-80 hour weeks.

This isnt the only time that he went out of his way for a customer. Another Dauphin citizen had a package that required signing, however they werent house, so Chad drove to their moms and dads house to get it signed for them.

That bundle was for Jenny Shickley, a citizen of Dauphin, Pennsylvania. When he saw her kids were in the yard, she said that Chad didnt provide it. Because he didnt desire to ruin the surprise for them, he just drove by and drove all the method back to their house that night.

Another UPS motorist who was amazed with a sweet display of thankfulness from his clients is Chad Turns. He has actually been providing bundles for UPS for over a decade now, and like Kevin, hes no regular chauffeur.

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