Woman plays hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ on bagpipes and earns over 32M views

With the help of buddies, Archy J played “Amazing Grace” using her custom bagpipes. Her rendition is unique since she performed the tune in 2 places– Barcelona, Spain, and Solan, India.

” This is among the most beautiful and moving versions of the best tune ever. Thank you, and I thank God for you.”

This substantial number is no surprise, as its striking lyrics and tune will make anybody fall for it. No matter where its played or who performs it, the tune brings a sense of harmony and comfort to those who hear it.

” Miss you are definitely beautiful, and as a Scottsman, I feel I speak for all of us that you do our forefathers proud. Please never stop playing the bagpipes. We love you.”

” Amazing Grace” was composed by the English poet and Anglican clergyman John Newton in 1772. It was released in 1779 and was motivated by Newtons individual experience.

” My other half desired this provided for her funeral service last November. I am seeing it today in memory of her! Thank you ever so much for providing this video!”

Considering that sharing the video in July 2018, Archy Js performance of “Amazing Grace” has gone viral. It now has more than 32 million views and 307,000 likes.

It all started when he employed to serve in the Royal Navy. He got involved in the servant trade when he left the service.

” Amazing Grace” is most commonly used the bagpipes, a stunning instrument that just includes to its solemnity.

In 1748, he almost lost his life when the ship he was on got caught in a storm off the coast of Ireland. At that minute, he asked and prayed God for mercy, saying that if his life is spared, he will knock servant trading.

Even a Scotland native enhanced Archy J for her musical present.

In the videos description on YouTube, Archy J stated the song is “in remembrance of those we lost.”

YouTube” Archy assembles a complete plan: lovely song, stunning settings, ingenious usage of an old instrument, and a beautiful lady, what more could you ask?”

The video was flooded with comments applauding Archy J for her skill and perfect performance of the classic hymn.

“Fantastic Grace” is an ageless hymn approximated to be carried out about 10 million times every year.

YouTubeOne musician who has mastered the art of playing the bagpipes is Indias first female professional piper, Archy J, who likewise refers to herself as “The Snake Charmer.”

FacebookOthers kept in mind liked ones who have actually died.

According to historians, bagpipes came from the Middle East and slowly made their way to Scotland and Ireland. As soon as the instrument gained popularity, musicians began playing them at funerals, memorials, and military events.

FacebookShortly after his plea to God, the seas relaxed, and the storm passed. Newton still engaged in servant trading until 1754 or 1755.

Newton began studying Christian theology when he retired from seafaring. He eventually became an abolitionist, and during the exact same time, he was slowly going blind. This led him to compose one of the most moving lines from the tune:

Fantastic Grace, how sweet the soundThat saved a scalawag like meI as soon as was lost, now am foundWas blind but now I see

This tune was written by a male who lived a “sinful” life but wound up understanding God and his remarkable grace. It is undoubtedly a beautiful testimony to the salvation and redemption that can only come from the Almighty.

Listen to Archy Js hauntingly stunning performance of “Amazing Grace” in the video listed below

Please never stop playing the bagpipes. Thank you ever so much for supplying this video!”


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When he retired from seafaring, Newton started studying Christian theology. He eventually became an abolitionist, and throughout the exact same time, he was gradually going blind. This led him to compose one of the most moving lines from the tune:

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