The micro homes designed to tackle the UK housing crisis

9 of the eco-friendly residences are being mooted for brownfield land in Bristol. Could the idea aid other UK cities develop much-needed cost effective real estate?

BDP stated the homes would help revitalise neighbourhoods in Bristol and possibly beyond. With an estimated 2,000 council garages located throughout the city, there is definitely possible for the principle to be scaled-up locally.

The gap homes concept was created by BDP designers to help relieve the real estate crisis in Bristol, which like most UK cities, has an absence of affordable residential or commercial properties..

Frequently ignored for being difficult or too little to build on, such plots can remain in a state of overlook for many years. Meanwhile, individuals struggle to get on the real estate ladder due to a lack of economical homes..

Plans for the development function communal gardens and outdoor seating areas to encourage citizens to mingle. The two-storey houses also include PV solar panels and air-source heatpump to lower their ecological effect.

The two-storey homes likewise feature PV photovoltaic panels and air-source heat pumps. Image: BDP.

Stop doomscrolling. Start solution-seeking.

Being clever with space is a need in densely populated cities, yet uncomfortable slithers of brownfield land remain a common sight in lots of urban areas..

” Placing these new, attractive and thoroughly designed homes in their location will not just assist provide much-needed homes, it will likewise bring brand-new energy and life, helping and revitalising neighbourhoods to build stronger, more durable communities,” stated BDP.

An assessment is presently under way to install nine of the residences on brownfield land in Bristol. The proposed site was previously inhabited by worn out council garages, which were just recently taken down..

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Providing a prospective option to these twin problems is a brand-new micro real estate task called space homes, including homes that can be dropped into tight urban areas..

It will bring brand-new energy and life, revitalising areas.

Main image: BDP.


” Manufacture of your houses would mostly be performed off-site, which would trigger less disruption than a standard construct during the construction phase,” said the council in its assessment..

The houses would be owned by Bristol city council and assembled in a factory..

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