Rare moment captured 30 hummingbirds enjoying an epic pool party and racks up over 12M views 

Hummingbirds are among the most remarkable animals on earth. Aside from being incredibly small, these winged creatures are typically praised for their stunning coloring.

These birds mostly keep to themselves, which is why this 2017 video of almost 30 hummingbirds sharing the exact same birdbath has gone viral.The clip has garnered nearly 13 million views on YouTube, and its easy to see why.

PixabayTheres something about hummingbirds that make them practically hypnotic to observe!

From the amazing speed of their wings to their excellent hovering capabilities, hummingbirds really are a sight to witness.

InstagramAnd as it turns out, these special bird types have many characteristics that make them additional special. Here are some of them:

Have a look at the video listed below to see this distinct sighting of hummingbirds bathing together.

After sharing a moment of consistency, Scott said the hummingbirds returned to their natural state– that is, combating with each other.

InstagramHummingbirds are also naturally territorial, so youll seldom see them hanging out in huge groups.

In the video, the hummingbirds are seen taking a dip together in a common birdbath. Its not something that many individuals see every day, so it has actually gotten quite the attention online.

Female hummingbirds pick their habitats based on where they build their nests. On the other hand, male hummingbirds pick their dedicated areas based on the abundance of nectar, food, and water.

Some of the birds were quietly enjoying the water, while others kept moving. They would take a quick dip and fly back out of the water once again. A few of the hummingbirds were playful and would go after the other birds previously rapidly going back to their areas.

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YouTubeThe photographer posts lots of incredible bird videos on his Instagram, however the one he captured back in 2017 may be among his most treasured shots.

What takes place in Scott Logans video is the precise reverse of their usual habits.

When the breeding season begins, male hummingbirds show off their aerial skills to win over a potential mate. These animals normally divide themselves by areas. Female hummingbirds choose their environments based on where they develop their nests. On the other hand, male hummingbirds choose their dedicated areas based on the abundance of food, nectar, and water. Some of the hummingbirds were playful and would chase the other birds previously quickly returning to their areas.

Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backward.
They weigh less than a nickel on average.
Their legs are only suggested for perching, so they can neither stroll nor hop.
Hummingbirds are among the hungriest creatures on the planet. They can take in up to twice their body weight in nectar.
They are the smallest birds that move. Unlike the majority of birds, they dont go in a flock. Theyre only rangers who can move as much as 500 miles alone at a time.
When the mating season begins, male hummingbirds show off their aerial skills to win over a prospective mate. In some cases, they would even do death-defying stunts, such as hurling themselves to the ground only to fly back up just before crashing.

You might believe hummingbirds are playing when theyre chasing each other around, however theyre most probably combating to the death over territory.

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