This fairy-tale like home nestled on a mountain top is a retirement home for two long-time friends

Nevertheless, this tee-pee-shaped house is more than meets the eyes. It may appear like it came out from a fairy tale however it is actually a private retirement community for 2 senior citizens.

Suma and Fujioka worked together for a decade for a well-being sector in Tokyo as a cook and a social employee. They utilized to make delivered lunches for disabled people.

Nestled on a mountain top in Shizouka Prefecture in Japan, this magical house called “Jikka” is home to the senior and individuals with impairments..

There is no doubt the 2 ladies focused on the welfare and security of the senior and persons with impairments when it comes to the houses architectural structure.

Source: Issei SumaSuma hopes that the facility continues to thrive even when shes gone. She also desires younger individuals to take pleasure in the place as she noticed they like moving outside the city, too.

Source: Issei SumaThough the location is extraordinary, it reflects the Japanese minimalism and improvement. Nobuka Suma stated that when she speaks with their visitors, they stated they desired the retirement house to be their final abode.

They welcome locals from surrounding areas for an afternoon coffee or inquire to remain for numerous days as visitors.

They desired something down-to-earth and easy like Jikka. Many of the residents admire Suma and Fujioka that they desire to remain there for the rest of their lives and help the neighborhood.

If the elderly found solace and joy in this retirement community, she makes sure that younger individuals will likewise fall in love with this beautiful sanctuary..

This effort assists the elderly escape privacy for a while by hanging out with Jikka residents. The 2 women also deliver meals to individuals who could not leave their houses.

Source: Issei SumaThe house has a big kitchen area, wheelchair-accessible bath, and a visitor room for the elderly and guests who require nursing care..

Source: Issei SumaWhen they saw a land for sale in Shizouka, they believed it would be the very best place to construct their dream retirement house..

Source: Issei SumaThe ceilings are high and the windows enable natural light to come in. There are also no stairs in the facility and wheelchairs are accessible in every part of the house.

Source: Issei SumaJapanese designer Issei Suma created this house for his mom Nobuko Suma and her pal Sachiko Fujioka. They wished to help their neighborhood by serving its individuals so they thought of building a nursing/retirement house.

For Suma, there are lots of reasons that the location is perfect for elderly people. “Its warm, the air is fresh, the water is scrumptious and there are plenty of veggies,” she stated..

” Considering we were like-minded and worked tough together in the past, we started discussing how our two families might assist each other out and care for the senior,” stated Nobuka Suma.

One could quickly mistake this captivated forest home for a dwarf home, a fairy tale village, or a luxurious Airbnb hideaway.

The house is developed as a group of 5 huts that appear like dwarfs houses from a fairy tale. The visitor quarters include a shared space with storage, and bathroom. The dining-room is very relaxing and also acts as a roomy cooking space..

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