‘Super mom’: Photographer captures images of mama duck with 76 baby ducklings

TwitterAt house, Brent counted at least 50 ducklings in the image. During subsequent sees to the lake, he saw as lots of as 76 paddling behind Mama Merganser.

“I probably shot 50 photos, and I was just praying that a person was going to end up sharp since the waves were so strong it was almost difficult to even keep them in the frame,” he remembered at the time.

TwitterThe scene was too exceptional to skip, so Brent got into action.

Making things more complicated was that he had to alternate between steering his trolling motor and snapping pictures with his electronic camera. Luckily for him, simply one image ended up.

He had initially intended to record an image of a mallard he had actually seen the day before, but he didnt anticipate to snap something far more special.

As he motored toward the boat slip, Brent spotted something in the river: a female Common Merganser surrounded by over 50 ducklings. As he watched, the little mergansers formed a line behind their mom and began swimming away.

One windy afternoon on July 16, 2018, wildlife photographer Brent Cizek headed for a searching expedition on Lake Bemidji, Minnesota, with simply one cam and one lens with him.

We have actually all seen momma ducks with 20 to 30 ducklings tracking behind her, but have you seen one with over 70 offspring in her care?If you havent, fulfill “Mother Merganser,” the incredibly duck mommy caring for 76 ducklings!

50 and 76 ducklings are definitely on the high-end, but large groups like this are actually quite common, according to Kenn Kaufman, field editor for Audubon.

Adult ducks cant determine which birds are theirs, and the ducklings that have already inscribed on their biological mothers will start to follow another Common Merganser who appears like mother.

TwitterAnother possible theory is that the ducklings belong to a crèche, wherein female birds delegate their newborns into the care of an older and better female.

This extremely duck mother will tend to these young birds for a couple more weeks prior to they are big enough to safeguard themselves.

This behavior doesnt completely describe what Brent caught, though, due to the fact that ducks can just successfully incubate a minimal variety of eggs. Female ducks lay about a lots eggs and can only warm up to 20. Having more than that will be too much for them to deal with.

Their theory is that this specific merganser got a number of dozen ducklings that strayed away from their moms.

The majority of the time, mom ducks will drop off their eggs in the nests of other ducks of the very same types, however in some cases theyre also known to lay their eggs in the nests of other duck species.

They will eventually leave the group, and the women will one day potentially adopted a brood of ducklings of their own.

Not putting all their eggs in one basket is sort of a reproductive insurance coverage for these ducks.

According to David Rave, a location wildlife manager supervising the Bemidji region for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, a number of types of birds– consisting of common mergansers– use this system.

TwitterTheres no clear description behind this practice, however experts think it relates to preservation. For instance, in case a ducks own nest is destroyed, she will still have more offspring being safely bred in other nests.

This senior normally has broad experience in raising young and does not mind taking a couple of hatchlings under her wing while their parents go off to do what adult birds usually do.

Female ducks have an intriguing routine of leaving a few of their eggs in the nests of other ducks. They will have a nest of their own however will make their method over to another nest or 2 to lay a few eggs there.

Thankfully for this wildlife photographer, he had the ability to catch this amazing scene for the remainder of the world to see!

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Heres a compilation of raw videos that Brent Cizek took of Mama Merganser and her cute ducklings.

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