Handyman helped out of homelessness pays it forward by donating kidney to a member of the community

Tony called Mary over so she can find out about Dans unbelievable offer, and she simply burst into tears.

That kidney eventually began to scar and fail, and physicians didnt know why. Tonys only hope now was to discover another kidney donor. Thankfully for the 75-year-old, he didnt have to look far.

WTOPDoug offered him a place to stay, and Dan has actually dealt with him since. He quickly ended up being known in the community and began working for other families, consisting of the Antonellis.

Dan Reynolds|WTOPDan stuck through the months-long journeys to the healthcare facility to do a barrage of tests during the height of COVID-19 outbreaks, a time when numerous individuals hesitate to even go outside.

“Theres a factor Dan is in my life, whichs to in fact conserve my life. I cant thank him enough,” Tony said.

Tonys only hope now was to find another kidney donor. WTOPDan, 62, asked him if he was alright, and Tony revealed that he had to begin dialysis since his kidney was failing. After discovering out that they had the same blood type, Dan made him a deal.

Mary Antonelli|WTOPWhen asked why he decided to contribute his kidney, Dan stated Tony was a terrific man, and he valued their relationship a lot.

Dan voluntarily put his life at threat to conserve another, which amazing display of selflessness is something you do not see every day.

” It was a complete shock, out of the blue, and quite honestly, you cant make that up,” Tony stated.

Tony Antonelli|WTOPDan, 62, asked him if he was okay, and Tony exposed that he needed to begin dialysis due to the fact that his kidney was stopping working. After learning that they had the same blood type, Dan made him an offer.

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” Theres not adequate words to say how I feel and how Tony feels about this excellent male and this excellent gift,” Mary stated. And thats what Dan has actually provided us.

Mary and Tony have three kids and 13 grandchildren ages 1 to 15-years-old. To them, this extraordinary gesture is a present of life to their entire friends and family.

The Antonellis knew Dan will not have the ability to work while recuperating, so they established a GoFundMe to raise cash for him.

The job took a couple of days, and prior to Dan left, he confessed that he had actually been living in a van for two years after experiencing divorce and steep debt.

Dan said he values all those individuals who have actually assisted him get back on his feet, and he just wants to do the very same for others.

That person was Dan, who accepted his deal due to the fact that the snow had actually already reached 10 inches deep, and it was 15 degrees outside. The two talked during the flight, and Doug learned that Dan did contracting work, so he employed him to fix some plumbing.

” Theres not sufficient words to state how I feel and how Tony feels about this excellent male and this terrific gift,” Mary stated. And thats what Dan has actually given us.

Dan even said that its “well worth it” and that he d do it once again “100 times if I had to.”

The kidney transplant was done at George Washington University Hospital on February 23. Luckily, it went well for both Dan and Tony.

” I was like, well, I d be honored, I d enjoy, to provide you among mine if itll exercise,” Dan recalled of the minute.

Dan had actually also gone through some hard times in his life. He served in the military for 22 years and skilled loss, a divorce, and homelessness after.

Tony Antonelli of Gaithersburg, Maryland, got a 2nd chance at life when his other half, Mary Antonelli, gave him one of her kidneys 4 years ago.

In October 2020, after finishing a job for the Antonellis, handyman Dan Reynolds noticed that Tony looked unhealthy. For many years, he has done a ton of work for the household and became buddies with them.

” Would I like for everybody to comprehend is, we can assist each other in manner ins which are immense, you know. I know, we d all have much better lives if we just agreed each other,” he stated.

Thankfully for him, a man called Doug Shumway saw him standing at a bus drop in Gaithersburg 6 years earlier. It was a winter season day, and he understood that he could give the complete stranger a trip.

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