Ford’s new ‘F-150 Lightning’ is an all-electric truck that can power your home for 3 days!

Born more than 4 years ago, the Ford F-150 has won the hearts of hundreds of countless Americans with its cost-competitive price and inexpensive upkeep and repair work. It appears that Fords best-seller series is here to stay as the company continues to make outstanding developments.

Most just recently, the company revealed the F-150 Lightning– an all-electric pickup truck with a starting cost of just under $40,000!

Source|Ford Media CenterThe F-150 Lightning will be offered in four trims, including the base, XLT, Lariat and Platinum series, and two battery alternatives. The truck sports an aluminum alloy body, is powered by two in-board electrical motors, and comes standard with four-wheel drive and independent rear suspension.

In the meantime, Ford released 2 rates: the base variation priced at $39,974 and the mid-series XLT model will begin at $52,974. These rates do not include federal or state tax credits, in addition to location costs and taxes.

Devoted to becoming the truck of the future, the electrical F-150 sure is here to provide an unique driving and ownership experience.

With this, system rollout upgrades to the car (enhancing driver assistance functions, updating maps) is made it possible for. Furthermore, SYNC 4 will provide third-party apps through its AppLink system, consisting of Waze and a variation of Amazons Alexa called Ford+Alexa.

Source|Ford Media Center” F-Series is Americas very popular truck for 44 years, the backbone of work throughout the nation, and a trusted icon for generations of consumers. Now we are revolutionizing it for a brand-new generation.”

Source|Ford Media CenterThe much-awaited F-150 Lightning will hit the marketplace in spring 2022 however you can check out its wise and sleek features on the video listed below!

Source|Ford Media CenterBut among the highlights of the most recent Ford F-150 is how the electrical lorry alerts the chauffeur about the trucks battery status. As charging plays an essential function in any electrical lorry, F-150 Lightning ensures that motorists will constantly be on top of the situation.

Source|Ford Media CenterLightning is loaded with an onboard source of power– a superb 2.5 kW of power on the basic trim and a 9.6 kW of power on the Lariat and Platinum series.

“F-150 Lightning offers an immersive touch screen, offering our clients all the info they desire in an immediate– a real-time view of where theyre going, what theyre transporting or just how much real-world variety theyve got banked,” Darren Palmer, Ford Motor Companys basic manager of battery electrical vehicles happily shared. “And with Ford Power-Up software updates, the experience is just going to get better.” He included.

Ford Media CenterThe F-150 Lightning will be used in four trims, including the base, XLT, Lariat and Platinum series, and two battery choices. Ford Media CenterInside the Lightning, clients will take pleasure in a connected cars and truck tech and advanced driving help features.”F-150 Lightning offers an immersive touch screen, providing our customers all the information they want in an immediate– a real-time view of where theyre going, what theyre hauling or how much real-world range theyve got banked,” Darren Palmer, Ford Motor Companys general supervisor of battery electric cars happily shared. Ford Media CenterBut one of the highlights of the latest Ford F-150 is how the electric automobile informs the motorist about the trucks battery status. Ford Media CenterOn top of that, F-150 Lightnings selling point is its 9.6 kW of backup power.

Source|Ford Media CenterInside the Lightning, clients will delight in a linked vehicle tech and advanced driving support features. The Lariat and Platinum versions will come with Fords Sync 4A infotainment system, which can support over-the-air software application updates.

Source|Ford Media CenterThe Sync 4A system will likewise include natural voice control and real-time mapping viewed on a 15.5-inch touchscreen.

Ford Media CenterIts smart range, which thinks about hauling info, payload, and weather, is also interacted to the motorist. Furthermore, the useful and dependable FordPass app shows the information on charging areas. Motorists can also utilise F-150 Lightnings infotainment system to determine and navigate to charging stations.

Ford does this by alerting motorists if their trucks battery falls under one-third of its overall variety.

EVs can provide the very same performance without taking as much energy as conventional cars, making them more sustainable and effective. It sure is great to know that multinational car manufacturers such as Ford, is taking the lead towards the future of mobility.

In front of the driver is a customizable 12-inch instrument cluster that will likewise relay important information to the driver regarding how the battery is running, regenerative braking, and the sophisticated chauffeur support system functions.


Fords F-150 Lightning is the smartest, most advanced truck the company has actually ever developed. It features near-instant torque, intelligent towing, seamless connection to software updates, as well as the capacity to provide energy to your home during a blackout for a minimum of 3 days.

” For both Ford and the American vehicle market, F-150 Lightning represents a specifying minute as we advance toward a zero-emissions, digitally connected future,” Bill Ford, the executive chair of Ford Motor Company revealed.

Source|Ford Media CenterWith the ever-increasing CO2 Emission and seemingly unstoppable environment modification, the adoption of electrical cars is severely required to much better the environment.

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