Artist creates amazing polymer clay art depicting landscapes, animals, and figures [Gallery]

InstagramThis artist regularly shares her art and how she makes them on her Instagram, and her fans simply could not get enough of her genius. Here are a few of the remarks they left on her posts.

Alisas schedule is jampacked as she is currently hectic working on custom-made orders. So if you wish to purchase one, you d have to wait till July.

InstagramOrnament Trio.

Starry Night.

” I discovered your page the other day, I am in wonder of your work it is ALL just spectacular.”

InstagramUnderwater Scenery.

This artist from Gothenburg, Sweden, uses polymer air-dry clay to make the most mesmerizing art pieces.

Instead of strokes on a plain canvas, Alisa uses her sculpting tools to shape vibrant polymer pieces into wavy and swirling lines. She then packs these elements together, developing a dense layout full of texture.

InstagramPastel Landscape.

InstagramBlues And Greens.

Luckily, you can own one (or more) of these stunning productions.

InstagramTwo Sparrows.

InstagramA Pearl On The Beach.

” So gorgeous Alisa!! Ive never seen anything like this before, and I absolutely enjoy your procedure videos, theyre so unwinding to watch.”

InstagramConsidering how excellent her works are, you would be amazed to know that Alisa is actually a self-taught artist. She has been working with air-dry polymer clay for about 6 years now using her own method.

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Examine out the gallery listed below to see more of Alisas beautiful clay art.

Alisas artworks are offered for purchase in her Etsy store. In a current statement on the platform, she said she attempts to upgrade her shop with a minimum of one brand-new landscape monthly.

InstagramSwirling Clouds.

Some of her framed landscapes are based upon popular paintings. The rest are her original designs inspired by natural environments and photography.

InstagramCat Brooch.

Alisa Lariushkinas works of art are motivated by well-known painters such as Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. Using Japanese air-dry clay, Alisa makes representations of landscapes, animals, flowers, and more.

She composed: “If you d like something similar to my previous works and request a custom-made order please can be found in July. Due to the quantity of work and the truth that Im moving quickly I recommend everybody to come in July! Thank you !!”.

” Each piece of clay I form with my hands and then glue the pieces together,” she tells Modern Met. “I make figures, accessories basically in animal style, and likewise just recently I started making framed landscapes.”

InstagramVan Goghs Cypresses.

Alisa has an exceptional skill for transforming real-life surroundings into textured dreamscapes. She recreates outdoor locations utilizing her signature style, where clouds become strong white dollops and flowers become coils of clay.

” I ADORE your strategy and concept on your pieces !!”.

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