After finding a wish list tied to a balloon, this man drove six hours to make two little girls’ dreams come true

Facebook” Would love to know when it was launched. Looks like it took a trip over 600 miles. Feel complimentary to share,” he wrote.

Instead, he decided to end up being the wishers individual Santa..

Last Christmas, Leticia Flores-Gonzalez had her twin daughters, Luna and Gianella Gonzalez, connect their lists to balloons and release them into the sky above their Liberal, Kansas home. The ladies hoped the balloons would reach Santa Claus so he can send them their gifts.

In early January, Alvin shared his find with family and buddies on Facebook, hoping to trace its origins.

After months of interacting online, the Bamburgs made the six-hour journey to satisfy Leticia and her twins in mid-April.

When he saw one of the balloons tangled in the branches of a tree, Alvin was deer hunting in Grand Cane throughout late December.

Leticia never meant for someone to discover the balloon, thinking it would deflate and disappear someplace in a tree nearby.

FacebookWhen he checked the balloon, he discovered a folded yellow piece of paper sealed with a red star tied to its string. He opened it and saw a Christmas dream list to Santa from a woman called Luna.

Individuals asked Leticia to share Gianellas list too, so she did. After exposing her other daughters dream list, both girls started getting gifts from Alvins household, friends, colleagues, and even former schoolmates.

When Alvin Bamburg discovered a vacation wish list connected to a balloon in Grand Cane, Louisiana, he didnt just toss it in the trash.

The list consisted of things that a typical 4-year-old would desire for the vacations. Luna had actually asked Santa to bring her candy, a Frozen doll, a Spider-Man ball, a My Little Pony toy, and a pup.

Many individuals shared the post, and it ultimately reached Leticia.

Facebook” It was necessary doing something special for my girls due to the fact that of the tough year we had throughout the coronavirus pandemic. I desired them to seem like 2020 was another year spent with mommy making beautiful memories,” Leticia informed CNN.

” I saw that balloon, and God spoke to me. He said, You require to get this, and, 2nd of all, you require to get the garbage out of the woods, “he recalled.

However, one of the balloons in fact reached one guy– somebody who likewise had white facial hair and a generous heart.

Alvin and his other half, Lee Ann Leopard Bamburg, became hectic during the vacations. In spite of that, they didnt forget about the list.

” When we learnt someone really discovered Lunas balloon, we were just in shock,” she said. “We couldnt believe how kind individuals were; we were overwhelmed with love. Thats what really mattered.”.

They had actually texted, talked, and FaceTimed prior to their conference, and even then, it was clear that they had a connection. When they lastly satisfied personally, Alvin stated it was much like “conference family.”.

FacebookDuring their see, Alvin and Lee provided the girls one last present– a dachshund pup!

FacebookWhen the time came for them to bid farewell, both households accepted fulfill once again quickly. Their next reunion is set to happen at the end of May.

The households shared a meal, chuckled, and bonded over shared values that day.

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Feel free to share,” he wrote.

” To us, it isnt the quantity of presents or the worth that the women are receiving,” Leticia stated. “Its the love they got. It implied the world to us we see their smiles, and the long-lasting friendship we have actually made with Alvin and his wife.”.

” Theres a lot unhappiness on the planet right now, the world is a freaking mess,” he stated. “Its truly not tough to spread kindness, and you can never ever underestimate the effect even simply a smile will have on somebodys day.”.

This is to grant Lunas Christmas desire list. The sis were pleased and named their new buddy Max.

” When we found out somebody really found Lunas balloon, we were just in shock,” she stated. “We couldnt believe how kind people were; we were overwhelmed with love.” To us, it isnt the quantity of gifts or the value that the women are getting,” Leticia stated. It implied the world to us we see their smiles, and the lifelong relationship we have made with Alvin and his other half.”.

Up until then, Alvin hopes their story will influence others to discover ways to make another person happy.

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