Stray dog decides to join runner on 155-mile race, ends up getting a new family

” On Day 2, I was at the start line for the race phase and she was standing beside me looking up at me,” Dion told The Dodo. “I thought to myself this little pet isnt going to last long at my side as we raced off, however she wound up running the entire day and 23 miles range.”

When extreme marathon runner Dion Leonard took on a tough 155-mile cross nation race in China, he didnt expect to bring house something besides a medal.

COM/ OMNI CAIThis homeless dog was living near where the race started. Dion had discovered her back at the runners camp, but he never ever anticipated her to be in it for the long haul.

Turns out, he was wrong.

There, he fulfilled a friendly roaming canine, and within a couple of days, the pair shared an unforeseen yet solid bond.

Dion and the puppy satisfied during the 4 Deserts Gobi March in 2016, a 6-day foot race weaving through the biggest desert in China. Dion, who was from Edinburgh, Scotland, was among the 101 competitors, but he quickly discovered himself accompanied by an unlisted racer.

4DESERTS. COM/ OMNI CAIAt times, the dog would even charge ahead of Dion, as if motivating him to run faster. He periodically stopped to give her water and beef jerky from his own pack.

When it was time to settle into their campground that night, the dog snuggled beside him in his sleeping pad, declining to leave his side. From then on, the duo ended up being inseparable, and Dion chose to offer his new good friend a name: Gobi.

Its still a mystery why the puppy followed him out of all the 101 individuals, but Dion is delighted.

” She actually stuck with me all day,” he stated. “I didnt do anything in particular to get her attention. She selected me. I was the one that she was going to adhere to.”

During the 3rd day, Gobi ran along with him for the 26-mile stretch. This time, the surface was severe, and Dion needed to bring her over several river crossings approximately 21 yards long. It was then that their relationship was sealed.

4DESERTS. COM/ OMNI CAIBut for Day 4 and Day 5, the organizers didnt let her join the race due to extreme weather; the temperature levels reached around 125 degrees Fahrenheit around the middle of the course.

And on the sixth day, Gobi was back in the race, running together with Dion up until they crossed the goal together, winning second place. The event organizers even produced a matching medal for Gobi to acknowledge his efforts.

InstagramSo, he and his spouse started a crowdfunding campaign online to assist cover these expenditures. Within days, the fundraiser drew in contributions from throughout the world, and it quickly exceeded its objective.

Dion approximates that Gobi ran majority of the 155-mile race, which is an amazing accomplishment for such a lap dog.

Dion understood he couldnt leave Gobi behind, so he looked into how he might bring the dog back home with him to the UK. He found that it would take a great deal of medical exams, documentation, quarantines, and a fee of over $6,500 to do that.

Instead, they let her ride with them in a car toward the surface lines so that she would have the ability to welcome Dion as he was available in.

Now, Gobi is living gladly with Dion, his partner, and their cat!

Dion went on to compose three books recording his and Gobis story. It has ended up being so popular that Sony and Tencent Pictures strategy to make a film adjustment of it.

Well absolutely stay tuned for that!

COM/ OMNI CAIThis homeless canine was living near where the race started. Dion had noticed her back at the runners camp, however he never anticipated her to be in it for the long haul.

COM/ OMNI CAIAt times, the pet would even charge ahead of Dion, as if encouraging him to run quicker. Throughout the third day, Gobi ran along with him for the 26-mile stretch. This time, the surface was harsh, and Dion had to carry her over several river crossings up to 21 lawns long.

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