Heads up, beachlovers: These twin Airbnb tiny homes should be your next travel destination

Kevin, an old-school surfer, and his other half, Trish, have built two nature-inspired tiny house Airbnbs on a great area that is just 100 meters away from a surf beach on the wild west coast of New Zealand.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseThe style of the second small house mirrors the other one completely and blends into the natural landscape.

YouTubeAlthough its simply over 50 square meters, the home feels actually open and roomy. The style of the entire structure offers off a surfers paradise vibe.

Kevin and Trish have really done an outstanding job in developing these nature-inspired tiny houses! If you liked this story, do not forget to share it with your friends and household.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseThe sleeping area is combined with the entertainment area. The entertainment cabinet is developed on wheels, so if you need privacy, you can roll it out and position it in front of the bed to separate it from the dining location.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseUnderneath the luxurious-looking lounge is a full-sized, pull-out bed. It has enough overhead space so you can actually sit on it without hitting your head. Kevin and Trish likewise made the bed on little rollers, allowing anyone to pull it out, make it, then push it back in.

The very first tiny home looks incredible and developed from many pre-loved products such as the deck, boards, and a coal box that houses the gas and water pump.

YouTubeThe home also has a personal outdoor location ideal for reading the newspaper or a book in the morning while you have your breakfast.

YouTubeAnother great feature of having a residential or commercial property near the beach is that they might bring their household there to invest the weekend and have some quality time.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseThe first small house feels truly open, spacious, and modern. It was constructed in such a way that it benefits from the unbelievable natural vista.

YouTubeOnce you get in the home, you will be stunned by its sophisticated interior. The entire design of the small house was focused on making the most of the magnificent views.

The entire restroom is really tidy and geared up with contemporary fixtures.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseThe tiny home likewise has a great-sized cooking area total with whatever you would need to prepare meals. Their table is made from a part of an old native wood door that has actually been cut in half, which includes character to the dining location.

If youve been planning your next beach vacation for when the world resumes, these nature-inspired tiny homes in New Zealand might simply be the location to treat your travel bug.

One can just rest on the couch by the broad view window and admire whats out there.

As an “old surfy,” Kevin had an enthusiasm for living out by the ocean. Realizing that they could make some cash off their small houses, they decided to turn them into Airbnbs.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseIt has a good-sized shower and a flushing toilet.

It has a semi-commercial door that you can open up on an excellent day to make the tiny area feel bigger. Doing so will also make you feel as though youre still immersed in the gorgeous wild landscape outside, even when youre inside.

Theres likewise a loft above where you can lounge.

The stairs going up the loft have small cubby holes that can accommodate quite a large amount of products.

Living Big In A Tiny HouseTake a tour inside these sensational small houses by the beach in the video below.

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