People are using laundry baskets to grow their own strawberries, and it’s the best gardening idea ever

Maybe now is your possibility to start if youve been wanting to grow your own strawberries!

Lots of individuals have been looking into growing their own food naturally without utilizing chemicals, leading to the increase of sustainable gardening techniques that do not use up a great deal of space.

Another excellent aspect of this strawberry planter is that its supposed to keep the bugs away, which is a huge assistance because these fruits tend to bring in bugs.

UnsplashOne example is the rising pattern of laundry baskets being used as strawberry planters. This take on gardening has ended up being a huge hit, particularly since it includes using inexpensive products that are simple to discover.

How To Make Your Own Strawberry Planter

This technique of growing strawberries is ideal for those who dont have a lot of garden area. Because the fruits are grown inside baskets, you wouldnt have actually berries scattered throughout your yard.

These unique planters permit you to grow juicy, red strawberries. Thankfully, making one is a quite uncomplicated procedure.

RedditHeres a step-by-step guide.

Take a clothes hamper and cut a small hole in the bottom for appropriate drainage.
Place a burlap sack inside and let the flaps hang over the top.
Fill the container with soil.
Cut the burlap flaps so that the sack is even with the rim of the basket.
Cut through a few of the baskets holes.
Insert baby strawberry plants into the cut-out holes and on top.
Place the planter under direct sunlight.

Tips On Growing Strawberries In Your Garden

Water them numerous times a week to keep the soil moist. The best time to water them is throughout the early morning so that the berries are dry by evening.

Pick a netting cage with holes that cant extend or trap animals to permit pollinators easy access and protect the lives of other animals.

Another clever technique that will assist keep the animals from stealing your strawberries is painting some rocks to appear like them.

Garden AnswerTo hinder snails and slugs, you can position straw around the plants prior to the fruits appear. For birds and little mammals, you can put netting around the berries to prevent them.

Fruits will be all set for harvesting usually around 4 to 6 weeks after progressing, so make certain to watch on your strawberry planters throughout this time.

Make sure your strawberries get at least 8 hours of sunlight a day. Include lots of compost to the soil and fertilize them with a water-soluble fertilizer right after planting the seeds and after the flowers appear.

This might prevent them from decaying on the vine. Make sure to frequently trim weeds, particularly throughout the very first few months.

How To Harvest Strawberries

Now comes every garden enthusiasts preferred part– collecting!

Unwashed strawberries can last in the refrigerator for about three to 5 days. If you occur to collect lots of them, you can attempt making jam or healthy smoothies! You can likewise freeze them whole; this will keep them for about 2 months.

Pluck them out by pinching the stalks to avoid mushing the fruits with your fingers.

The video below from Garden Answer offers some great guidelines on how you can do it if you need a visual guide on making your own strawberry planter.

ImgurMake sure your strawberries are entirely dry prior to keeping them in the refrigerator. Damp berries tend to get moldy easily, so after washing them, blot them with paper towels.

Make sure to just pick the strawberries after they have completely turned red when its time to harvest. Since they will not ripen further after being selected from the vine, thats.

Have you attempted planting strawberries in your garden? How did it turn out? Leave a comment below!

Unwashed strawberries can last in the refrigerator for about three to five days. If you happen to gather lots of them, you can try making jam or shakes! You can likewise freeze them entire; this will keep them for about 2 months.

Have you attempted planting strawberries in your garden? How did it turn out?

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