Navajo woman’s cool skateboarding videos on the reservation is going viral on TikTok

InstagramSkate shops were likewise uncommon; one would have to travel 2 to 3 hours off the booking to a border town to get a skateboard.

InstagramEver given that finding out how to do it, the Diné woman hasnt gotten off the board.

” Im not a professional at all, by any ways, I much like to ride around,” she stated. “Its extremely freeing for me.”.

Naiomi, a girl from the Navajo people, likes to skateboard. Living in the Navajo Reservation filled with gorgeous mountains and cliffs likewise indicated having an absence of pavement.

Naiomi initially entered into skateboarding when she was just 5 years of ages. She saw her older siblings buddy skateboarding and was instantly interested. With her mothers assistance, she chose it up and practiced skateboarding in their kitchen.

” When I was 6, I was bullied a lot. I have a bilateral cleft pallet and lip, so kids would bully me and I got really down. So, whenever I would skate, it was my one time to decompress as a youngster.”.

Naiomi hopes that she can correctly represent and share the indigenous culture with the remainder of the world and reveal other Navajo kids that they can do anything while surviving on the appointment.

” Its quite the journey to be a skateboarder on the reservation,” she admitted.

Despite the absence of pavement, skateboarding is remarkably popular amongst the Navajo people. The individuals from the reservation will have a place to practice their skateboarding skills quickly.

She dealt with bullying at school, and her newly found pastime ended up being a tool for her to get self-confidence in herself.

InstagramAnd it worked.

The skate park project is anticipated to begin building and construction this fall. A 2nd stage will consist of the development of a community garden concentrated on traditional farming and harvesting.

Naiomi didnt let these geographical disadvantages keep her from pursuing her passion.

” I would see these sandstones and I was like I wonder if I could skate that,” she stated. “So then one day I was just like you know what, let me just try it, if it doesnt work, it does not work.”.

She has actually accumulated a following of over 38.1 K on the platform, while her Instagram has more than 72.7 K fans. With her growing audience, Naiomi hopes that a new skate park can be developed in their area.

InstagramIf all goes according to strategy, skateboarding lovers from the Navajo tribe would not have to drive for hours simply to get to the nearby skate park.

The project is starting to bring in some promotion, and the Orenda Tribe is getting a lot of help from different people, among them being the legendary Tony Hawk!

Orenda Tribe, a clothing brand name with heavy Navajo impact, has actually partnered with Naiomi to develop a brand-new skate park in Two Grey Hills, which is only 2 hours away from Glasses community.

Skateboarding is among the most amazing sports anybody can take on, and 24-year-old Naiomi Glasses definitely agrees.

Naiomi has actually been flaunting her skateboarding abilities on the booking on TikTok, where her videos have actually gone viral.

” Táá hwó ají t éego t eya. Life is what you make it, go out there and be strong, be strong and be positive. Be true to who you are,” she said.

” I enjoy skateboarding so much and I would just like to bring that delight and love of it to other neighborhoods,” she stated.

There were also only 5 skate parks in the entire location, and the closest one was hours away from her Rock Point, Arizona, home.

Discover more about this skateboarding enthusiast in her video interview with KRQE listed below


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I have a bilateral cleft pallet and lip, so kids would bully me and I got truly down. Whenever I would skate, it was my one time to decompress as a little kid.”.

Naiomi initially got into skateboarding when she was just five years old. She saw her older siblings pal skateboarding and was instantly interested. With her mothers assistance, she selected it up and practiced skateboarding in their cooking area.

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