A graphic novel written by young homeless people is helping change lives

The Book of Homelessness has shown a surprising hit amongst readers, and is assisting some youths move forward in their lives

The school runs courses in graphic style, illustration, fashion, photography, sculpture and other subjects, helping participants build abilities and enter training, education or employment. In November 2020, Accumulate published what the team believes to be the worlds very first graphic novel made by people affected by homelessness.

The Book of Homelessness is an anthology of illustrations and writing that provides its developers a platform to explain their experiences from their point of view.

The Accumulate Art School for the Homeless was developed in London five years earlier by Marice Cumber to assist young homeless people move on in their lives through creative projects.

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” The stories in the book are individual, psychological, raw and honest. They are stories of discomfort, of abuse, of dysfunction, of households, of war, of rejection, of misplaced love, of getting rid of problems and of fighting, and succeeding,” said Cumber.

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All revenues from sales of the book are shown its authors and Accumulate, so it can continue to supply innovative workshops. Books cost ₤ 30 and can be purchased here.


Now, adequate cash has actually been raised from sales to money a scholarship for an Accumulate individual. They will use up a put on the Access to HE course in style and digital media at Ravensbourne University London.

” This is a really special thing,” Cumber told Positive News. “It indicates that the imagination of a group of people impacted by homelessness will support somebody else who is homeless to alter their lives through innovative education.”

Sales have actually exceeded expectations and a reprint was necessary to satisfy demand. The Book of Homelessness has actually been bought by people across the world in addition to by libraries in cities and universities.

Amalia, who took part, said: “The workshops helped me to grow and heal and change from domestic abuse, from being unstable and homeless.”

The participants from hostels, shelters and short-term lodging were welcomed to a series of creative workshops run by Accumulate. Writing, drawing and illustration classes were held at a gallery in Shoreditch, east London.

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