On yer bike: the new directory for businesses that deliver by bicycle

A surge in demand due to Covid-19 was another factor: research study reveals that the grocery sector alone saw a 91 percent increase in house deliveries during the very first month of lockdown. Demand stays high.

Helena Downey was motivated to develop Brought By Bike after her street ended up being part of a low-traffic neighbourhood. “I believed, residing on a good quiet roadway is great for me, but what can I provide for others?,” she stated. “The emissions and traffic from van deliveries arent going away at any time quickly.”

Need for house deliveries is rising, which indicates more traffic and emissions. Or does it? Brought By Bike has an unique service

Ever had a plumbing technician show up using pedal power? How about a window cleaner on two wheels? A brand-new online directory intends to make finding UK services that use their services by bike as simple as … well, riding a bike.

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Most run within cities, Downey has discovered a growing number of bicycle carriers setting up in more remote locations. Cargodale, which launched in March 2020, carries items ranging from cheese to yarn for 10 services based around the Yorkshire Dales..


A brand-new online directory site intends to make finding UK businesses that provide their services by bike as easy as … well, riding a bike.

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Demand for home shipment is surging, which means more traffic and emissions. Brought By Bike has an unique option

” People have actually got utilized to having deliveries to their houses,” said Downey. “Some of the things I had arriving by van I thought: Why cant I get that by bike? There need to be a website out there that makes this simple. But there wasnt.”.

” I like cycling and everyone stands to benefit from cleaner air and quieter roads, so it appeared like the apparent option,” he said. “And Im never ever stuck in traffic, or short of a parking area.”.

Co-founder Beate Kubitz stated: “Getting up some of those inclines can be a bit challenging, but we utilize e-cargobikes so our riders get a little bit of a boost on hills and theyre far better than vans on narrow lanes.”.

Helena Downey was influenced to develop Brought By Bike after her street ended up being part of a low-traffic area. “You can have quite much anything delivered by bike.”.

Main image: Boudicca Woodland owns One Mile Bakery in Exeter, which is noted on Brought By Bike. Credit: Boudicca Woodland.

More than 200 organizations are listed up until now. They provide items ranging from food to flowers, while tradespeople include garden enthusiasts, electrical experts and even mobile bike mechanics. “Theres such a huge variety,” Downey enthused. “You can have pretty much anything delivered by bike.”.

Directory member Benedict Sansam uses panniers and a trailer to carry tools to jobs around Bristol for his Pedal Powered Plumbing organization.

Kubitz stated it was great to see how numerous companies are committing to providing by bike: “It actually feels like theres a motion to create completely sustainable companies, and Brought By Bike makes it visible.”.

Im never stuck in traffic, or brief of a parking area.

Most of the firms listed are independents, and the only requirement is that services are offered by bicycle within defined postcodes– business might use vans or post to reach consumers further afield.

Some 200 organizations, delivering anything from cheese to yarn, are noted on the directory site so far. Image: Cargodale.

Brought By Bike, which released in December 2020, is complimentary for both services and customers and is not for profit, though Downey might consider sponsored posts in the future to cover costs..

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