Army veteran reunites with canine partner who saved his life in Afghanistan

The canine flew first class to Boise Airport, where Hansen awaited her. He felt fired up and anxious, not knowing if Taylor will remember him.

But once Tay-Tay saw him, she bolted towards Hansen! The canine undoubtedly missed her daddy.

Now that theyre back together, Hansens goal is to provide Taylor the finest life she might potentially have.

YouTubeAnother handler needed a capable pet dog, so Taylor had to stay on duty. A military canines very first handler gets very first dibs on them when they retire.

” Molli resembles household now to us,” Hansen stated. “What she provided for me and Taylor was incredible. I could not thank her enough for reuniting us.”

Taylor as soon as discovered an explosive within a step of Hansen. Another time, she smelled out a substance that wasnt a target of interest. She went nuts at the substance wall, and when the soldiers looked in, they found thousands of pounds of homemade dynamites.

” I like the pets and I like my military thats taken care of my freedom my entire life, so its a win-win to integrate the two,” she said.

And after 2 years apart, the Army pals finally reunited on June 4, 2016, all thanks to a woman whose mission is to bring military canines and their handlers back together.

” When they conserve your life that often times, they become part of your family,” he stated. “Its so tough to let them go. Thats the hardest part of being a dog handler.”

Regretfully, Hansen had to say farewell to his canine partner in 2014 after he left active service.

As soon as to Iraq, Army Staff Sgt. Tom Hansen was deployed to Afghanistan two times and. Throughout their special forces objectives in Afghanistan, he had a brave buddy who protected him: a yellow Labrador named “Princess Taylor.”

” Thats my lady,” Hansen stated as he hugged Tay-Tay.

TwitterTay-Tay is the fourth military pet dog that Molli has reunited with their owners through her not-for-profit, Molli Uniting Military Service Dogs, or MUMs Dogs.

This story occurred a few years earlier, however it stays a lovely tip of the unbelievable bond in between human beings and canines.

YouTubeMolli, a veteran flight attendant for United Airlines, volunteered to bring Taylor from Missouri to her brand-new home in Boise, where Hansen lives.

YouTube” Tay-Tay,” as she is fondly called, was trained to find explosives, ammo, weapons, and vehicles– about everything except for people.

” Im really lucky I came back with all my limbs,” he stated. Its since of her I came back alive.

With her eager sense of odor, Tay-Tay has conserved the lives of Hansen and the 11-soldier system. She was so proficient at her task, the Taliban had a bounty on her head.

Doing so is no easy task, as Molli Oliver utilizes her own resources to make it possible. She also flies with the canine around the globe if required. She does it all out of love and thankfulness.

After serving the nation all her life, Tay-Tay should have to age in a caring house with the male who first revealed her love.

You can see the sets joyful reunion in the following video.

Reuniting military canines with their handlers can cost countless dollars, so Hansen is very grateful to Molli for making their reunion take place at no charge to him. He now serves on the board of Mollis nonprofit.

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She likewise flies with the dog around the world if needed.

Taylor as soon as discovered an explosive within a step of Hansen. YouTubeAnother handler required a capable pet, so Taylor had to remain on responsibility. A military pet dogs first handler gets very first dibs on them when they retire.

Thats the hardest part of being a canine handler.”

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