‘Braver than I gave myself credit for’: what Positive News readers learned in lockdown


Adapting to innovation.

” I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2020 and had to stop work for treatment. I have actually been at house in lockdown reassessing my life and going on long walks with my pals. My paintings have actually got much better and as an outcome I was chosen up by the Tate Gallery and asked to do a livestream portrait painting session for lockdown audiences.

Actually thought and reflected about what truly matters. Household. Great Food.

Making hard decisions.

” I understand I can be delighted in my own skin, providing I have a continuous job that inhabits my mind. The flair is to have a job that occupies your mind, however with a result that is of benefit to others.” Colin

Holding happiness and anger.

Self acceptance. I believe that as an older female I am appealing on my terms.

Letting go of outcomes.

And in realising it, that I can alter it. I realised how my need for plans and certainty were getting in the way of living a richer life.

Honouring liked ones.

” I believe I lastly comprehend the idea of not getting too attached to outcomes. I d heard of it in the context of mindfulness and always believed it sounded negative and really passive.

” A child boy will get here in my life in the summertime. What story will I be able to inform them about how things altered after 2020? On a personal level I d like to keep discovering joy in the peaceful moments. I wish to hold on to the anger Ive felt at the oppressions exposed by the pandemic. I aim to tread gently and help bring back the environment that my son, and his generation, can grow wild in.” Stephen

Ending up being more compassionate.

Getting viewpoint.


Discovering nerve.

Yet, while the crisis has actually removed a lot, it has likewise provided much of us the chance to reflect; to break old habits and make brand-new ones; to take better care of ourselves; to make life decisions that didnt seem possible before the pandemic. A lot of us will emerge modified..

Having a job with purpose.

We asked Favorable News readers how you have actually grown through the hardships of the pandemic. A year on from the very first UK lockdown, we share the learnings you are taking forward

” I have actually become more thoughtful, for myself and for others. I have found out to decrease and take life easy, to bear in mind to have viewpoint when taking a look at an issue– lots of people often have more challenges to get rid of and things could always be even worse. I have invested more time believing and in nature, just gazing at birds and trees and to appreciate the luxury of boredom.” Heather.

Welcoming monotony.

Lockdown has influenced some readers to get associated with advocacy. Image: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona.

” Boredom leads to stunning things. Ive understood that in contemporary life we are terrified of being bored and are so used to having home entertainment and option at our fingertips.

Being less judgemental.

Focusing on people and world.

” I work in the NHS (frontline but not full-on Covid) and have actually rolled with the massive changes we needed to make as a department and medical facility. I [realised] that I am stronger and more flexible than I believed, and was braver than I gave myself credit for.” Caroline.

The pandemic has forced many to end up being more tech savvy. Image: Chris Montgomery.

Being caring.

” I have found out that it is never ever too late to adapt to new innovation. The online world has actually opened up great opportunities for learning, for activity, for conference others– but just if we adjust our thinking.” Dorothy


Discovering hope.

” This past year taught me a lot about the appeal of the buen vivir (great life) philosophy and lifestyle: being closer with nature, being more community-centric, culturally-sensitive and ecologically-balanced.” Ewelina.

” Im going to be braver: look out for my own bias more carefully in an effort to be a much better person, speak up when I hear or see oppression.” Jan

” That I am material with a more simple life. I have actually not missed out on going to clubs and restaurants. I have cut out a lot of the white sound in life and spent a lot more time outdoors doing physical things like gardening, DIY, and entering into nature to loosen up from taking a look at a computer system all week in my day task.” James.

Welcoming advocacy.

Doing less.

” The pandemic has actually given me renewed faith in grassroots democracy and in people power. We require to work for environment, social and racial justice, particularly knowing that a lot of individuals in power remain in rejection and not taking proportional action.” Liz

” Ive found out that my stress is a direct result of the pressure I put on myself rather than as a result of the actual situation Im in. For me, the most stressful minutes of handling a care home through this crisis have actually not always been the most tragic parts, however when I have actually felt under pressure to make the right choice. Ive found out ways to help me with my choice making.

Lots of respondents said they had found out to find time for reading and writing. Image: Ben White.

” I will be more grateful for the everyday social interactions in coffee shops, stores, railway stations, fitness centers and so on. I will prioritise my relationships and let friends and household understand how essential they are to me. I will also feel appreciation for my health and that I survived a very difficult Covid infection.

” Becoming a more clearly caring spouse, dad and grandpa. To go on my path of feeling comfy with the unidentified.

Requesting for assistance.” Seek the happiness in the daily more. Do not put things off. Request for help more.” Christopher.

” To be much more pleased of the individuals who work in the National Health Service. To be even more prepared to help those who require it.” Pete

Taking dangers.

” I am no longer scared to take threats with my design, I feel more confident to speak out versus oppression and am far more appreciative of the small minutes of joy in life that buoy me along.” Fiona



” I have actually become more positive in my own personality and hopeful of improved community spirit.” Kim

” Sustained frequent exercises including doing 20 press-ups daily– I am aged 83.” Bob

Im going to speak up when I see or hear injustice.



During the previous year, Covid-19 has inflicted misery on lots of. It has actually cut us off from our support networks, curtailed our flexibilities, and for some caused destructive loss. The psychological health effects are tremendous, particularly for those on the frontline of the crisis, while moms and dads have actually had the added tension of homeschooling– with many attempting to work at the exact same time..

Getting fit.

Being brave.

Slowing down.

” To invest more time taking pleasure in the garden. Only doing activist work that is in your area based. To do less and be still (internally) more. To keep checking out Positive News.” Shirley

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Practicing appreciation.

We invited Positive News readers to tell us how, together with the difficulties, you have actually grown in favorable ways throughout the crisis. Such was the volume of actions– much of which we found moving– that we couldnt release them all, though we check out every one. We hope the selection below resonates and motivates your own reflections and insights..

Keeping it basic.

Desire to help.


Sign up.


I have discovered to be much more appreciative of the people who work in the NHS.


I d like to keep finding joy in the peaceful minutes.

” I have actually been the only family member to support my handicapped child mentally and physically, and have been truthful about the strain this has actually been. I have actually managed the disappointment of not being able to do what I hoped to do for myself in my very first year of retirement.” Jan


” Despite being a part time minister, I have actually come to see formal religion as really empty. I have actually had to provide services that reflect these emotional requirements. Paul

Recognising sacrifices.

Some readers stated they had actually learned to be more caring. Image: Sebastien Goldberg.


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I have found out that it really does take a town to raise a child

” I have actually discovered that it actually does take a town to raise a kid. Giving birth to my second kid in May 2020 meant I really had to lean on my local mum buddies. Giving birth is life changing, the pandemic has actually been life altering, trying to deal with both has actually in some cases seemed difficult. Throughout it all I have found out that I have 4 amazing females who care about me and my family more than I ever pictured and that I am so, so lucky to have them in my life.” Gini.


” I have totally moved how and where I buy food as well as other domestic products. I have completely stopped supporting any business organizations and also cut single-use products from my life (mainly plastic). Ive altered my electrical power supplier and am transferring my banking too, all to ethical organizations. Im not interested in supporting any organization that is worried about revenue and shareholders before workers and world.” Max

Giving myself credit.



Supporting ethical organizations.

I have actually been at home in lockdown reassessing my life and going on long strolls with my pals. I understood how my requirement for plans and certainty were getting in the way of living a richer life. I have actually found out to slow down and take life easy, to keep in mind to have perspective when looking at a problem– many individuals often have more obstacles to get rid of and things might always be even worse. I have completely stopped supporting any corporate companies and likewise cut single-use items from my life (mainly plastic). Offering birth is life altering, the pandemic has actually been life changing, attempting to cope with both has sometimes seemed impossible.

” In the last year I have actually understood that I never ever gave myself enough credit for the effort I put in to examining others and how lovely that it was all returned during the pandemic.” Ripley


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