A fresh spin: the clothes made out of recycled wood pulp

A Finnish business has actually found a way of utilizing wood pulp to print new clothing– and the only by-product is water


Finnish design home Marimekko has currently used the material to make a denim-like coat and bag. H&M has likewise been revealed as a partner..

Finnish design home Marimekko has actually utilized the product to make a denim-like coat and bag. Image: Marimekko.

” The fact that these fibres can be recycled into a new fiber once again and once again makes the fibre disruptively circular,” a spokesperson for the company informed Reuters.

Spinnova revealed just recently that it will develop a factory in Finland to scale up production of its textile fibre. The plant is due to open in 2022.

The business states its approaches dont need hazardous chemicals and that the only by-product is water, which gets recycled..

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It comes as the fashion business seeks sustainable options to cotton, the production of which needs big quantities of water, and viscose, which uses toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process and leaves a trail of microplastics.

Main image: Marimekko.

Go into Finnish fiber startup Spinnova, which has devised a method to spin wood pulp into a sustainable textile that can be used to make clothing.

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Like an uncomfortable fit, the fashion business carries around a supersized carbon footprint, which according to some price quotes equates to around four percent of worldwide CO2 emissions..

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