This student was offered over $1 million in scholarships after getting accepted to 18 colleges

Like numerous of her schoolmates, high school senior Shanya Robinson-Owens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been preparing to handle the next stage of her education: college.

Up until now, the 17-year-old has used to over 20 universities and colleges. Unlike her peers, what sets Shanya apart is the amount of scholarship cash she has been provided.

And were not simply discussing thousands of dollars here; were talking over a million dollars in scholarship cash!

And as for Shanya, shes quite delighted about it.

YouTubeShanyas preferred topic is chemistry. This active student is involved in a journalism class and the yearbook committee. She also interns for her Chinese language instructor and helps in grading papers.

The teenager– who is currently going to George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science– has constantly been a star student.

Her aunt, Christine Owens, informed Good Morning America that their household always understood she wasnt going to have any problem entering into colleges. Still, they didnt expect her to be awarded that much cash in scholarship funds.

The teenagers household is tracking her development and scholarship bundles, even developing the hashtag #KeepingUpWithNya.

” I was pretty thrilled,” she said. “I wasnt truly expecting it.”

When shes not in school, Shanya likes to write and listen to music.

YouTubeShanya has actually been accepted into 18 schools, including Moravian College (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania); La Salle University (Philadelphia); Lincoln University (Jefferson City, Missouri); Temple University (Philadelphia); and Cabrini University (Radnor, Pennsylvania), among others.

YouTube” Were not shocked she did enter into all of the schools, were just surprised by the quantity of monetary award letters shes been getting,” Christine said. “Ive simply been monitoring all of the acceptances and prizes shes been offering, and its simply including up day by day.”

” It was kind of a surprise. I was actually surprised,” she informed 6abc Philadelphia. “I didnt know what to do, if I would sob, laugh, I didnt understand what to do.”

In spite of having a lot on her plate, Shanya currently has a 3.2 grade point average.

Her guidance to fellow trainees?

“It is a privilege for us to count Shanya as one of our own and we are delighted to see her develop chances for her future,” the principal said.

” You truly have to be patient,” she said. You can inform your instructors that due to the fact that they know youre stressed.”

I was actually stunned,” she informed 6abc Philadelphia.” You really have to be client,” she said.” Weve always been very happy of her,” Christine stated. “My mom has actually helped raise Shanya since she was a baby. Weve just been working as a group making sure Shanya keeps God initially in anything she does and she is prospering.”

Whats clear, though, is that she has a very brilliant future ahead of her.

We hope that this bright young female finds the school finest suited for her. Great luck to you, Shanya!

You can view Sanyas interview with 6abc Philadelphia in the video listed below.

Shanya is set to graduate high school in June. Shes still in the process of touring colleges and remains undecided on her first choice, however she prepares to major in psychology.

Shanya is part of a motion to bring more social action to the school. She is also associated with a number of after-school activities that show the level of her abilities, consisting of robotics.

” Weve always been extremely proud of her,” Christine stated. “My mom has actually assisted raise Shanya considering that she was a baby. Weve simply been working as a group making certain Shanya keeps God initially in anything she does and she is prospering.”

Thanks To Christine OwensTed Domers, the principal at George Washington Carver, said that Shanya is an esteemed trainee at the school.

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Shanyas household has actually constantly been happy of her for being a great leader and a difficult worker.

“I do not desire to base it off cash and then I do not like the school and not complete,” she informed CNN.

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