101-year-old grocery store employee honored with a grant named in her honor

She didnt like the state of the shelves at her community supermarket, so she talked to the supervisor, who informed her that she was welcome to do something about it.

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After the war, she went to New York City to register in a fashion school and wound up working in the fashion business for 3 decades.

Throughout her amazing life, shes earned a masters degree, sang in the choir in Martin Luther Kings church, grew as an artist, and made a second-degree Black Belt in Taekwondo in her 70s.

through GMA YouTubeThe Romay Davis Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity Grant Program will assist money nonprofits to support their fight for racial equity and social justice. It will also deal with racial disparities in education, food insecurity, and healthcare.

” Life is full,” she stated. You are a motivation, Romay!

via GMA YouTube” I think its medication for me,” she stated about why shes still working at the supermarket and not planning retirement quickly. “I enjoy to be busy doing something. The only time Im not hectic, Im sick or sleeping..

Planning retirement is something that a lot of us have actually offered a serious idea, if offered a possibility, many people would wish to retire from work as early as possible. Not Romay Davis..

Romay is pleased with the principle behind the grant and hopes it will make a distinction in many individualss lives.

Romay is still an in-demand public speaker who lives and drives on her own. Her longtime good friend, Stacia Robinson, helps her as much as Romay will let her.

through GMA YouTubeThose who are close to Romay know that the grant named after her is fitting. This centenarian is an overachiever who lets absolutely nothing get in the method of her accomplishing her objectives.

by means of GMA YouTube” Its unbelievable. Shes doing more work than a 25-year-old,” Bobby Godwin, the store supervisor at the Winn-Dixie in Montgomery, said about Romay. “She enjoys concerning work. Shes calling if shes going to be a couple of minutes late. I say, Romay, simply take your time.”.

Born on October 29, 1919, in King George County, Virginia, Romay enlisted in the United States Army as quickly as she was of age. She acted as a member of the very first all-Black Women Army Corps unit sent overseas during World War II.

” I had a number of experiences, a few of them were detrimental– unpleasant– and I wondered why,” she said. “But I discovered it was the other person, not me.”.

So she did. Romay got worked with at a Winn-Dixie to clean up and equip the shelves. Shes been there for 20 years, lasting longer than the majority of her colleagues and even the original East Boulevard place where she originally worked.

While medical problems in some cases keep her from being her finest every day, Romay said her mom taught her never to offer up. Whichs exactly what shes been doing all these years. Preparation retirement is a clever thing to do, but for some people they enjoy their work a lot that retirement is not a concern on their list.

Romay is still working at Winn-Dixie five days a week, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Romay got employed at a Winn-Dixie to clean up and stock the racks. Shes doing more work than a 25-year-old,” Bobby Godwin, the shop manager at the Winn-Dixie in Montgomery, stated about Romay. I state, Romay, just take your time.”.

This 101-year-old lady hasnt let her age stop her from working at a grocery store in Montgomery, Alabama. Romay is still operating at Winn-Dixie 5 days a week, even throughout the coronavirus pandemic. And yes, she still drives herself to work!

When Romay commemorated her 100th birthday in 2019, her colleagues established a huge celebration for her, total with a high school band, great deals of cakes and visitors, and even a hashtag in her honor: #RomayDavisDay.

While medical problems in some cases keep her from being her best every day, Romay stated her mom taught her never ever to offer up.

Romay retired for the very first time in 1982 to hang around with her other half Jerry and their family. In 2001, after Jerry yielded to Alzheimers Disease, 81-year-old Romay wanted to work once again.

” During the time when people didnt like us since we were Black, I used to not wish to be around [others] I wished to be by myself,” she informed Good Morning America.

During Black History Month, Romay is being honored for her contribution with a grant named after her.

In some cases, customers pertain to Winn-Dixie just to talk to her, as theyre typically captivated by her stories. When among the shops baggers had to discuss their biggest motivation, he blogged about the grandmother.

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