Smashing! The dinnerware made from recycled waste

Amid heightened awareness about what goes on our plates, a ceramics workshop in Liverpool has turned its attention to dinnerware itself

Growing awareness about the environmental effect of our diets implies people are increasingly scrutinising what goes on their plates. What about the dinnerware itself?

The workshop had the ability to launch the range thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised practically ₤ 69,000 towards the task.

Taking sustainable dining one action even more is a ceramics workshop in Liverpool, which has actually turned its attention to recycled dishware. Granby Workshop utilizes waste from the ceramics, glass and stone industries to produce its line of circular tableware.

The workshop likewise says that no virgin materials are used in the plates, bowls and mugs– not even in the glaze, which is made from crushed glass, crushed bricks and dust sourced from marble, slate and granite quarries.

” All way of sludges, silts, cleans and particles” were considered, stated the team. That may not seem like an appetising possibility, however Granby Workshop fasts to mention that all completed products are as safe and sanitary as any other tableware.

An approximated 68m tonnes of ceramics waste is sent to landfill in the UK each year.

Main image: Granby Workshop.

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