This sweet dog has a habit of petting all the pups at her doggy day care

” Most pets arent bothered by it and simply let it occur,” stated Lorraine.

One example of a puppy like that is Ruby, a German Shorthaired Pointer. She and her sibling Miles often go to The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario, where Ruby has actually made many pals.

” She does it every time she is in,” she informed The Dodo. “We believe she wants attention!”

Now, he is simply grateful that Lorraines video of Rubys petting habit made countless people smile.

Alanah Lorraine, a worker of the doggy daycare who likewise brings her puppy Lexy to the center, was the one who first saw Rubys charming habits.

It seems like she couldnt help but provide the other canines animals when Ruby is there. She would paw at the other pets lazing as if she were saying, “Hi.” Although the other pooches look baffled by her mild strokes, they simply let her do it anyway.

TikTokDogs sometimes show the quirkiest habits, and those practices tend to endear them more to us.

Given that sharing it early last year, the video has earned over 316.6 K likes!

” Ruby is doing our part by cuddling all the great dogs while we stay at house.”

Typically, pet dogs paw at other pet dogs to reveal submission or initiate play. It can likewise be a signal that they desire something, like food, or theyre just simply trying to get your attention.

This pooch is certainly not the shy type. Whenever shes around other pets, she reveals them love by providing one of their preferred things in the world: pets.

Spencer from The Den Doggy Daycare spoke about Rubys routine of cuddling other canines in an interview with Bored Panda.

” Wow! She is so sweet and tender with her buddies. She is an appeal and charming dog.”

” She usually starts with her bro Miles and as the other canines in day care start to relax, she will get to work on them too. Miles does not seem thinking about providing animals, just getting,” he stated.

TikTok” We believe it began with trying to get Miles attention or to have fun with him and just evolved from there, the majority of her good friends at daycare do not mind and see it as her playing with them,” he added.

” We are so grateful to see everybody taking pleasure in the video Alanah made and now everyone gets to experience the happiness pets like Ruby bring us every day,” he stated.

Spencer likewise informed the website that they have actually won the award from the Burlington Post for Best Doggy Daycare for the last 3 years. He said their personnel is the “outright foundation” of their service, and they couldnt have actually achieved all these things without the group they have.

TikTokEvery time Lorraine sees Ruby cuddling other dogs, she would take out her phone and film the adorable minute. Eager to share Rubys lovely quirk, Lorraine compiled the clips together and published the video on TikTok.

” I thought it would be charming,” Lorraine said of the videos fame, “however I never envisioned it would go viral.”

” This is Ruby. She likes to animal the other canines at daycare. 14/10 incredibly relatable,” they captioned the video.

” Omg. My heart. She is such and delish a buddy.”

TikTokHere are some peoples responses to the heartwarming clip.

The clip even made it to the exceptionally popular WeRateDogs Twitter account. So far, it has made over 8.5 M views on the platform.

For Ruby, it appears like shes simply interested in providing her four-legged friends a scratch on their backs or heads.

No matter what Rubys reasons are for cuddling her pet dog buddies, something is for sure– shes got the sweetest heart!

You can see the cute video below.

@alanahlorraineruby always attempting to make pals!! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #tiktokdogs #dogdaycare ♬ Youve Got a Friend In Me– Cavetown

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She is a charm and charming pet.”

When Ruby is there, it seems like she couldnt help however offer the other canines pets.” This is Ruby. She likes to pet the other dogs at day care. She is delish and such a great buddy.”

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