This ‘midnight cafeteria’ is on a mission to help stray cats stay well fed and healthy

” In Taiwan there are a great deal of individuals who feed strays, but frequently they leave a mess, and then the general public becomes annoyed by it and they become annoyed with strays also,” he stated.

The group also aims to raise awareness about the spaying program and the condition of stray felines.

The so-called “lunchroom” is in fact 45 little wood houses scattered throughout the city and painted by Taiwanese artists.

” We want to press forward this philosophy that you do not have to be part of an extremely top-level association or something that takes up all of your time,” she said. “You can simply be someone doing something a little bit at a time, a bit, and taken all together, you can achieve a lot.”

YouTubeIn addition to food bowls, one wood home holds standard medication for the cats. Kind neighbors have also brought small cushions and embellished cardboard boxes to put in your homes.

Besides that, Hung likewise helps capture hurt felines and those who require purifying to take to the vet. Once they have received treatment, she returns them to their haunts.

To finance the task, Chen obtained a grant from the Taipei city government. He also linked with a local ward leader and several volunteers to help turn his vision into a truth.

In addition to their full-time tasks, math teacher Hung Pei-ling and her 20 next-door neighbors help the stray cats in their neighborhood.

In Taipei, Taiwan, volunteers have introduced a program that plans to enhance the lives of stray cats. The “Midnight Cafeteria” project, which started in September, intends to give street felines a safe place to rest and eat.

YouTubeHung was presented to the project after a good friend of hers saved and raised a stray cat. After that, she began offering and has dealt with other cat enthusiasts in the neighborhood for 5 years now. They buy them food, help clean their homes, and coordinate with residents who may grumble about the strays or the task itself.

These feline houses were started by Chen Chen-yi, a researcher at the Taiwan Animal Equality Association. These small structures help make sure that roaming felines get fed well and that local residents do not need to handle the mess that typically comes with cat feeding.

Whether its sunny, snowy, or rainy, homeless felines are forced to withstand the extreme weather outside just since they have no shelter to remain in. This typically leaves them dirty, putting them at higher threat of getting different health problems and skin diseases.

The little wood houses in Hungs neighborhood were hand-painted by regional artist Stefano Misesti. His art work feature smiling felines and well-beloved Taiwanese street food such as smelly tofu.

YouTubeThe life of stray felines isnt an easy one. Unlike pets with a home, animals who survive on the streets have to scavenge for their meals and even fight with the other strays for food.

Find out more about the “Midnight Cafeteria” in the video listed below

You can check out more about Pauls story and mission here.

Paul participated in a complimentary ASPCA class where he found out more about neighborhood cats and the trap-neuter-return method. He also developed an Instagram account to promote adoptable cats and let people know they can reach him if they stumble upon a roaming cat who requires aid.

Understood on Instagram as “Paul the Cat Guy,” this guy invests 30 hours every week feeding and rescuing roaming felines in his city. Hes been doing all of this on top of a regular, full-time job for over 3 years now.


Like Chen Chen-yi, Hung Pei-ling, and the rest of the volunteers included in the “midnight snack bar” task, this man from New York City called Paul Santell is a dedicated cat rescuer.

These heroes should have to be acknowledged for all the work that they provide for these animals!

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