This happy chonk from Russia is one of the most adorable cats you’ll ever see, see photos here

” We discovered him near the entrance to our home,” Gingers existing owner told Bored Panda. “He appeared like he was a home cat who didnt understand how to endure outside– he would just sit in one place for long periods of time.”

Ginger is such a happy and healthy feline that you wouldnt think he has had a rough past. He had been residing on the streets as a roaming until his would-be parents saw him.

Gingers family attempted to locate his owners by putting up advertisements. They waited and waited for a call, however it never came, so they decided to take him in.

” He is super adorable. He loves to be with his people and I think that he knows how to take pleasure in life because it looks like he savors every moment,” his owner explained him.

They gave him the name “Ginger” because they currently had a black feline called “Mr. Black.” Luckily, the 2 adorable cats got along and ended up being instant buddies.

” When he is patrolling his area, he likes to tease neighboring felines and pets. For example, he beings in front of the fence and simply looks at a pet dog who is barking at him.”

And like his feline buddies, Ginger is likewise a bit of a giant who likes to frustrate his animal neighbors.

” Snow is not an issue for him; Ginger likes to explore the outdoors in winter too. He even plays with snow. But it generally does not last really long and he runs back home,” his owners stated.

InstagramThe cat likes to hang around in his familys backyard, even throughout the cold weather. He would run around in the snow and play like there was no tomorrow.

Ginger isnt the type of cat who keeps to himself. He appears to love having company and spends many of his day with his owners. Its likewise most likely his method of saying thank you to them for embracing him.

Ginger is grateful to have a caring family and a warm house to call his own. As a roaming, he liked to remain in one location for a long period of time, probably out of fear. Today that hes in a safe place, he has all the flexibility to explore his surroundings!

While Ginger likes the snow, he also likes to revel in the heat of the summertime. His owners typically hang out in the garden during this time, so the tabby frequently inspects up on them to see what theyre up to.

InstagramIf there was a contest for the most adorable felines on the planet, this tabby from Russia would be a leading competitor.

From the start, they understood Ginger wasnt cut out for life on the streets.

And when hes not doing that, his owners would discover him destroying the garden beds like the naughty cat he is!

If youre one of those people who has inevitably fallen for this tabby, you might follow him on Instagram.

Take a look at the gallery below to see more images of this snow-loving feline..

InstagramGinger has won the hearts of thousands worldwide with his chubby look and playful mindset. Hes absolutely one of the most charming cats youll ever see!

Ginger is grateful to have a warm home and a caring household to call his own.” Snow is not a problem for him; Ginger likes to check out the outdoors in winter season too. It normally doesnt last extremely long and he runs back home,” his owners said.

Ginger isnt the type of cat who keeps to himself. He seems to like having company and spends most of his day with his owners.

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