4 Pillars of a Strong Reality: The Key to Deep, Identity Level Change & Ultimate Confidence

Whether youre mingling at an event or flirting with someone, how can you feel unwinded, at ease and full of confidence in those minutes, so people can relax around you and having fun? Ultimately this needs a deep, identity-level modification, and examining these 4 pillars of a strong truth are a good location to start.


A lot of individuals ask me, “Jeff, how do I not give a f **** about what people think?” in other words, how can I change my existing view of truth so that I feel more positive on a consistent basis? Ive constantly liked the concept that there exist 4 pillars of a strong truth that strengthen your capability to handle potentially difficult social interactions.


Ive always liked the idea that there exist 4 pillars of a strong truth that strengthen your ability to manage potentially stressful social interactions.

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In 2017 I produced RESONATOR, the professional guide to healthy effective and appealing singing forecast method.


My most current job is the Charisma Mastery Leadership Coaching Program, a thorough mentoring course with twice weekly personal interaction with myself to hold you accountable.

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