Video of robots grooving to Motown classic gets mixed reactions from netizens

” Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year. Delighted New Year from everybody at Boston Dynamics,” the Waltham, Massachusetts, business wrote in the caption.

YouTubeThese robots can probably dance much better than you.

The trio later does the running male in perfect synchrony.

Before 2020 ended, Boston Dynamics shared an enjoyable (or, for some, eerie) video including four of its robots dancing to the tune of the 1962 Motown struck “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours.

The clip began with 2 of the companys humanoid Atlas designs performing different classic dance moves, such as the twist and mashed potato. A doglike robot named Spot joins them a minute into the video. It even mouthed a couple of lines of the tune as it danced!

Handle, a wheeled robotic designed to move boxes in warehouses, completes the groovy quartet as it wheels itself in while dancing to the musics rhythm.

YouTubeThe mobility and coordination of their choreography– assembled by dancer Monica Thomas– is remarkably smooth that its tough to think theyre simply inanimate objects!

” Slightly creepy, I have to admit. Robotics from Boston Dynamics are having a celebration and appear to be throughly enjoying it. Whats next?” tweeted Swedish diplomat Carl Bildt.

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Enjoy the jaw-dropping performance of Atlas, Spot, and Handle in the video below.

You may go to the Boston Dynamics YouTube channel if you would like to see more videos of the exact same robots performing different feats and jobs.

We cant deny that the creation of these robots is a testimony to how far weve come in the world of artificial intelligence. Humanity– and robotics– are literally changing the future. Lets simply hope with fingers crossed that these makers do not turn versus us and start an uprising!

” This is not CGI,” he kept in mind in a tweet sharing the dancing video.

Hyundai Motor Group likewise bought a controlling interest in Boston Dynamics in a $1.1 billion offer in December 2020.

Obviously, these robots do more than simply dance. The MIT spinoff provides them to warehouses, police, labs, energies, and factories to aid with various jobs that robots can do better and more safely than people.

” Do you enjoy me? Not when you pertain to obliterate us,” wrote photographer Jan Nicholas.

The video spread like wildfire on social networks, where it collected a mix of responses from viewers. Thousands praised the dazzling technology behind these dancing robots, consisting of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

This isnt the first time that Boston Dynamics shared a video of their machines in action. Atlas was seen performing gymnastics and parkour tricks in another video, such as backflips, 360-degree turn-around jumps, and aerial somersaults.

YouTubeOthers appear to be a little troubled by their nearly human-like efficiency.

YouTube2020 has been a huge year for the robotics company. Area, its most popular item, made its commercial launching in June. Each system is being cost $74,500 each. It can run, climb up stairs, and even remind individuals to practice social distancing. The machine is generally used for assessments on building and construction websites or similar settings.

” This is cool and all,” one user said. “But when they increase up and destroy all of us, I will not feel excellent understanding there might be a Boston Dynamics robot Default Dancing over my tomb.”

Atlas can jump and do high leg kicks, Spot can imitate a ballerina, and Handle makes one of the most out of its long and flexible neck.

The clip began with two of the businesss humanoid Atlas models carrying out various timeless dance moves, such as the twist and mashed potato. A doglike robotic named Spot joins them a minute into the video. Robots from Boston Dynamics are having a celebration and seem to be throughly enjoying it. We cant deny that the development of these robots is a testimony to how far weve come in the world of artificial intelligence. Mankind– and robots– are actually changing the future.

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