‘Life is Good’ founders say this question from their mom inspired their $100M company

The success story of John and Bert Jacobs is really inspiring. Their business, Life is Good Clothing is now a $100 million business. Prior to, they were only offering t-shirts but today, one can discover any type of clothing on their site, even devices.

Someone discovered their style and showed sincere appreciation. This design was simply a simple drawing of a stick figure using a beret with the expression “life is excellent.” More individuals liked the style and their t-shirts began to offer when they brought them to a street fair in Massachusetts.

Like any other organization, they went back to square one and went through a lot of failures. This one question from their mom kept them going and motivated them to construct a clothes business that is now really effective.

If youre a company individual or thinking about beginning a company, might you discover a bigger-than-like inspiration, similar to the creators of Life is Good clothing business.

According to the Jacobs, their youth was perfectly-imperfect. Their house did not have heating however they were taught to constantly see the great in things.

Life is GoodLife is Great clothing is a 100 million-dollar business run by bros Bert and John Jacobs. They were from a middle-class company in Boston and have 4 other siblings.

Life is GoodThey remembered playing outside all the time and when its dinner time, they would gather around the table. Their mom would later state to them: “tell me something good that occurred that day.”

The bros said the accident made their daddy establish a harsh mood. He would constantly chew out them but their mother would constantly sing to them and read them childrens stories. “That optimism was something our household constantly had, even when we had little else,” the siblings stated.

Individuals fell for their clever and cool clothing styles that come with positive and motivating words. With just one concern from their mom, the Jacobs bros found their motivation not just in service however just in their lives.

Life is Good sample t-shirt.” We were looking for so numerous years for, what do we mean,” states John. “Then when we put out this style, the response was so instant; It was exactly what we expected.”

They dealt with more challenges along the way however this did not stop them from being positive. Their moms and dads had a near-death accident which triggered serious damage to their daddys right-hand man. Thankfully, their mom escaped the tragic mishap with just a couple of broken bones.

In 1988, Bert and Jacobs took a seven-week journey from California to Boston. The brothers said this trip changed their lives permanently as they looked back on their youth.

To determine what they have actually been doing incorrect, Bert and John held keg parties where they asked their friends for their sincere opinion. In return, they might delight in free beer and amusing stories from the brother or sisters.

Life is GoodTheir little service didnt turn out so well however the 2 siblings did not give up. This time, they attempted to offer their t-shirts to college students, going to different schools every night.

Throughout the journey, they tried to determine what they wanted to finish with their lives and decided to have a clothing service. They began offering t-shirt designs in street fairs and dorms around Boston. The t-shirts were designed under the name “Jacobs Gallery.”

This did not seem to work and they were lacking money. However, they took the threat and held another celebration which they thought was the last.

Watch this video and be inspired by the roller-coaster journey of Bert and John Jacobs:

Throughout the journey, they attempted to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives and decided to have a clothes service. Life is GoodTheir little company didnt turn out so well but the 2 siblings did not provide up. Life is Good sample tee shirt. Their business, Life is Good Clothing is now a $100 million business. Before, they were only selling tee shirts but today, one can discover any type of clothing on their site, even devices.


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