Figure skater’s performance to the classic song ‘Hallelujah’ still moves everyone to tears

As the very first notes of “Hallelujah” blasted through the speakers, Taryn went from standing in location to doing half-twists. When Alexandra began singing the songs lyrics, Taryn starts to unfold like a fragile flower with her spectacular relocations.

The young skater, who was just 19 years old at the time, entered the icy stage wearing a sparkly white leotard and a smile on her face. Taryn looked definitely spectacular with her long dark hair styled in a partial updo.

The anatomy of a stunning dance discussion comprises three main elements: a skilled entertainer, good music, and loads of passion. When all these elements are satisfied, one makes certain to provide an outstanding, once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

YouTubeIn 2010, figure skater Taryn Jurgensen shared a video of among the most stunning live performances we have ever witnessed. As soon as the talented dancer got in the rink, and the very first chords of “Hallelujah” came on, the audience understood they were in for a magnificent program.

Thats precisely what Taryn gave viewers throughout her number at the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase kept in Burbank, California. Her dazzling regimen, choreographed by Karen Kwan-Oppegard, perfectly matched the rhythm and rate of Leonard Cohens timeless ballad “Hallelujah” sung by Alexandra Burke.

YouTubeShe was merely halfway through her performance, yet the female already proved she was a force to be reckoned with!

“I was enchanted. This performance is so lovely. You genuinely are talented and exceptionally competent,” one stated.

Among the highlights of her dance happened when the music got louder. Around 2 minutes into the video, Taryn kept one leg parallel to the ground while twirling several times. She ultimately bends her knee and holds one upper hand in the air while still spinning continually.

She skated backwards, glided on one foot, and flawlessly carried out a quick twist in the air. She skated so easily on the ice like she was one with it, and that naturalness made the performance even more outstanding.

One of the highlights of her dance occurred when the music got louder. Around two minutes into the video, Taryn kept one leg parallel to the ground while twirling numerous times. You genuinely are exceptionally competent and talented,” one said.

Although the video was published 10 years ago on YouTube, it still moves viewers to tears. Here are a few of their comments.

She has skated to lots of other timeless songs such as “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, “You Havent Seen the Last of Me” by Cher, “In the Arms of the Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, and more.

YouTubeAs the song ended, Taryn slides to the floor as the crowd cheers her on. She then gets up and exits the rink with dignity. With such an awesome performance, its no surprise that the skater ended up taking home the Funakoshi Trophy that night, which is the most significant award of the show.

Prepare to be mesmerized and see Taryn Jurgensens entire efficiency of “Hallelujah” in the video below. If you were moved by this skilled figure skaters dance, do not forget to share this story with your loved ones.

YouTubeTaryns YouTube channel has 58.3 K customers, and so far, her Hallelujah efficiency has actually been seen practically 25 million times!

“I could view this regular so magnificently done over and over again,” another commented.

This is simply one of the numerous remarkable performances that Taryn has carried out in her career. You can watch more of her showstopping dances on her YouTube channel.

“Although this was 10 yrs back. Wow … I could feel the existence of God and the heart. enthusiasm of this incredible dance,” wrote one fan.

As the song advanced, Taryn displayed her stunning relocations. She skated backward, slid on one foot, and flawlessly performed a quick twist in the air. She skated so effortlessly on the ice like she was one with it, and that naturalness made the efficiency much more remarkable.

Others even went through a spiritual experience while seeing the dance.

One would have to be a pro to execute those relocations, and seeing how she did whatever so easily, Taryn is clearly one.

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