Brave dachshund saves dog best friend from mountain lion attack in Colorado

Mijo is injured but alive, and its all thanks to his hero and friend, Winston.

Mijo suffered from several injuries throughout the attack, consisting of bites on his head and lacerations on his scalp and neck. Sadly, his right eye also popped out of its socket.

GoFundMeThe physicians carried out surgery to eliminate his damaged eye and close all of his wounds. They also took x-rays, and amazingly, the pup had no skull fractures of any kind.

GoFundMeIf you believe only human beings can create strong relationships with each other, reconsider. The following story about a pet dog and his pal will prove that these animals would do anything for their liked ones– including their four-legged buddies.

Winston and Mijo got away from your home through an open door, and within seconds, a mountain lion caught Mijo and grabbed the dog in its jaws.

Instead of pulling back in worry, Winston fiercely barked and charged at the big feline up until it let go of his good friend. Once Mijo was released, his owner, Lindsay, covered him up and rushed him to the nearby emergency situation veterinarian.


” This is his buddy, so Im not surprised that when he was yelling, that he chased him,” Sarah, the brave dachshunds owner, informed 9 News. “Hes got a great deal of heart.”.

Winston may be a tiny dachshund, however hes got a big heart and significant quantities of courage. He showed that to everyone when he saved his pal Mijo, a 15-year-old rescue chihuahua/dachshund mix, from a mountain lion attack.

Their owners, Sarah Moore and Lindsay Golden, said they were going to household up in Evergreen, Colorado, when the frightening occurrence occurred.

20-pound dog with the courage of a 200-pound canine,” she described him.

Doctors stated he seems to have a best cortical deficit, and getting an MRI is the only method to know if its a blood clot that is triggering that and the seizures.

You can donate to her GoFundMe if you would like to assist Lindsay with Mijos future medical costs.

With the medical costs accumulating, Sarah took it upon herself to organize a GoFundMe for Lindsay and Mijo.

According to the most recent upgrade made on November 22, Mijo hasnt had any seizures for a week, which indicates the brand-new medication appears to be assisting.

Hundreds of donors have contributed to help Lindsay cover Mijos medical costs. Far, the fundraiser has gathered $12,715.

GoFundMeOn November 20, Lindsays fears were confirmed: the veterinarian stated Mijo was revealing traditional signs of “significant brain damage.”.

GoFundMe” It is an absolute miracle that this little person is still alive. There is no factor one bite from a mountain lion should not have killed him. He could have easily been brought off, he could have quickly suffered a broken back, neck, or a fractured skull,” Sarah wrote.

He was recommended long-lasting seizure medication, which will require to be administered every eight hours.

View the video below to read more about this fish story of bravery and friendship.

His owners likewise discovered that he had a “seemingly unmanageable urge to stroll in right-hand man circles.” This means the canine cant reach his food and water bowl any longer without help. Mijo has also been having seizures that would last for a few minutes.

According to the fundraiser, Mijo appears to have actually incurred long-term mental retardation from the injury. Lately, the poor dog has likewise been under heavy medication and is still getting utilized to having just one eye.

” There is no reason that a wiener dog could have go after off a mountain lion in the middle of an attack. Yet, here he is,” she added.

20-pound pet with the nerve of a 200-pound pet dog,” she explained him.

There is no reason one bite from a mountain lion shouldnt have actually eliminated him. He might have easily been brought off, he might have quickly suffered a broken back, neck, or a fractured skull,” Sarah wrote.

This means the canine cant reach his food and water bowl anymore without aid. Mijo has actually also been having seizures that would last for a couple of minutes.

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