The high street lettings agency for homeless people

A lack of offered real estate in the location makes it harder still, which is why Rentstart handles tenancies so it can sublet to those in requirement instead of enabling homes to go on the private rental market. “We had to take on the danger to make sure that we might continue to house people,” says Watson.

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” It constantly interests me that people believe this is initial,” says Helen Watson, primary executive of Rentstart, a letting firm in Walton-on-Thames that is solely for individuals dealing with homelessness. “If you walk into any estate representative– whether youre purchasing or leasing– youre someone strolling into someplace stating, I need somewhere to live. Can you help me?”.

Inhabiting a previous bank, Rentstart has a prominent spot on Walton-on-Thames high street. Image: Rentstart.

Darby, a star, found himself homeless in 2016 after going back to the UK from Austria, where he had actually been playing the totalitarian Idi Amin in a theatre production. “From having been lauded and praised on a great stage in Austria, I was sleeping on the streets in England,” stated the 64-year-old.

Now all of Rentstarts customers, landlords, staff and volunteers are welcomed into a large, airy area that has large windows and a number of consultation rooms. With crisp white walls, shiny laminate flooring, comfy green sofas and inky Rorschach-like prints on the walls, the former bank looks like any modern estate representatives. The charity states the idea behind opening a popular high street address was to create someplace where customers felt valued, appreciated and part of the community.

According to Watson, housing customers, a few of who are dealing with complicated individual problems, is the easy bit. “Its keeping people housed in excellent quality real estate, where they can start handling whatever it is they require to deal with next, [thats difficult],” she says.

Given that opening in Walton-on-Thames, a variety of councils and charities have actually been in touch with Rentstart hoping to duplicate the service. The charity declined to provide names as it was not working straight with them.

A high street lettings firm for homeless individuals has actually opened in Surrey. Now others are keen to reproduce the model

Darby appreciated the personal touch at Rentstart, which alongside sourcing accommodation can offer deposit assurances for customers and supply one months lease ahead of time. It likewise hands out starter packs consisting of household products, and supports people discovering employment, browsing universal credit and accessing health services. “Rentstart just saves lives,” states Darby. “They definitely saved me.”.

” Its such a good place to walk into,” states Blair Darby, a Rentstart customer, who was put in touch with the charity after ending up being homeless. “You stroll in there and you dont have to hide. It just looks like an office and its done in an extremely nice modern-day method.”.

” We think in small and regional,” states Watson. “You need to understand your location– thats the only method weve had the ability to house people.”.

Rentstart just saves lives. They definitely conserved me.

Thirty private landlords now let directly through the charity, with Rentstart providing guaranteed rent, on-going tenancy assistance and grants for residential or commercial property enhancements.

The idea may not be initial, but opening a lettings company for homeless people nearly certainly is. Around 450 individuals approach Rentstart, which is a charity, each year searching for emergency situation lodging or suitable personal rented housing. Until August, each of them would have been greeted by a buzzer entry system and an insalubrious shared office around the back of Walton-on-Thames high street.

For weeks, Darby pretended to be a tourist in Walton-on-Thames till a local homeless organisation put him in touch with a shelter some 35 miles away in Crawley, West Sussex, which then signposted him to Rentstart.

” It always interests me that people think this is initial,” states Helen Watson, chief executive of Rentstart, a letting firm in Walton-on-Thames that is specifically for people dealing with homelessness. Around 450 people approach Rentstart, which is a charity, each year looking for emergency accommodation or ideal private rented real estate.” Its such a good location to stroll into,” says Blair Darby, a Rentstart client, who was put in touch with the charity after ending up being homeless. Darby appreciated the individual touch at Rentstart, which alongside sourcing lodging can provide deposit warranties for customers and supply one months lease in advance. “Rentstart simply conserves lives,” states Darby.

Watson believes Rentstarts model could be rolled out in other places, but says it would need to enhance existing homeless services, which vary area to region; a top down, centralised approach, she adds, would not work.

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