This one of a kind triangular home is a jaw-dropping sight amid an olive grove in Athens

Some homes are more distinct than others, however one that really stands apart can be found in Athens, Greece, and was cleverly developed to bring the stunning outdoors into the house.

Slits or openings on the two sides of the triangle supply views of the outdoors and enable light in, which alters during the day.

The bed rooms are embeded in a smaller sized block that backs onto a pocket of garden situated in the tip of the triangle. These areas are surrounded by windows, which open out into the interior courtyards..

The roofing includes drought-tolerant plants such as lavender, helichrysum, thyme, aura and drosanthemum, which are all native to the location.

Andrianopoulos used geometry and developed a triangle-shaped house that respected the trees, supplied protection from the elements, and opened up the house to the great views of the mountains.

Gain access to is through a covered pathway, which contains storage areas for the house owners belongings.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeThe poured-concrete house starts small. At the tip of the triangle, the walls are lower, and slowly stretch upward as the home moves uphill.

Water sourced from a close by well moves all around the home. From the well, the water runs in a concrete channel forming a partial “moat” around your house and ends in a little pool or lake at one point of the triangle.

This hovers above an angular grate for a fireplace constructed into the concrete flooring. Kitchen work is made simpler with the outstanding views of the outdoors. Separating curtains can be drawn to divide the locations and supply more privacy.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeWe all have our dream homes, whether its the tiny home best for a minimalist lifestyle, the ecological off-grid home, the rustic pleasant farmhouse, or the enormous home dressed up with the most current modern devices and high-tech devices.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeNearly double the walls at the most affordable point, the barriers are greatest on the side of the home that deals with the mountain.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeThe long sides of the triangle cover the home and sleeping areas, which are separated into two blocks.

The house was likewise created to live in consistency with nature and the regional community. The “living roof” is adapted to Greek climatic conditions, and especially constructed with Attica in mind.

This bigger area of the home contains an open-plan living and dining area. Here, the walls are made mostly of glass, and can be opened completely to let in the significant views of the olive trees and the mountains.

The structure follows the mild incline of the site and tapers towards the variety of mountains on the northern side. All south-facing views are directed towards the courtyard, rather than out to the open plains.

The sound of the water is soothing and the water itself naturally cools the home during the most popular parts of the summertime.

The roofing system was also particularly created so as not to block the landscapes. It tilts quickly up-wards, so all the house owners can see are the terrific outdoors.

Sharp, hard, and boxy aspects might have identified the building, but these are softened by the warm features of the surrounding environment, producing a impressive and heartfelt home.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeThe living area is minimalist, including limited seating and a TV set. The dining space features a warm wood dining table, which is suspended from the ceiling by a metallic flue.

In developing the house of a Greek couple living in the west of Athens, designer Tilemachos Andrianopoulos benefited from the sites magnificent natural environments.

Found on the family-owned olive grove, with over 300 fruit-bearing trees, between the Megara plain and the Gerania mountains, which extends from Korinthia to west Attica.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeThe architectural firm that designed your home mentioned that “The house is a frugal yet decisive answer to the need of a family shelter in the middle of a rather reclusive website.”.

Kirsten Dirksen|YouTubeWatch the video below for a tour of this incredible house!

The dining space includes a warm wooden dining table, which is suspended from the ceiling by a metal flue.

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YouTubeThe poured-concrete home starts small. At the tip of the triangle, the walls are lower, and gradually stretch upward as the home relocations uphill.

Kitchen work is made easier with the remarkable views of the outdoors. Separating curtains can be drawn to divide the locations and provide more personal privacy.

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