Andrea Bocelli and Allison Krauss duet of ‘Amazing Grace’ is simply beautiful

That can definitely be said of the song “Amazing Grace,” one of the most precious Christian hymns composed in 1772 by English poet John Newton. This classic tune has been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and Johnny Cash.

Most recently, two brilliant musical performers came together to produce their own variation of this tune. The respected tenor, Andrea Bocelli, and highly regarded country vocalist, Alison Krauss, combined their voices to produce a powerful and moving performance of “Amazing Grace” as part of Bocellis new album, Believe.

YouTube Music, though intangible, holds a power over us that is in some cases beyond understanding. It has a strange way of generating a range of feelings from its listeners– be it sadness, fond memories, joy, or hope.

The song starts with Bocelli singing the very first verse with care yet loaded with feeling.

” Amazing Grace, how sweet the soundThat conserved a miscreant like meI as soon as was lost, today am foundWas blind but now I see”

Krauss then takes control of in the second verse, her soft angelic voice evoking feelings of tranquility.

YouTube These lyrics are poignant on their own, however theyre even made more significant understanding that Bocelli is blind.

” Twas Grace that taught my heart to fearAnd Grace my fears relievedHow precious did that Grace appearThe hour I first thought”

YouTubeNewton took this as an indication from God and thought about the event as his main conversion to Christianity.

Bocelli, 62, has actually been a household name considering that 1995 when his self-titled album made massive sales in Europe. He has actually been in the music market for a very long time, but he stays among the worlds most popular vocalists.

YouTubeWhen these two powerhouse talents sang their rendition of “Amazing Grace,” it somehow helped the world find reprieve in what has actually been an awful year.

” Such a magnificent rendition, from 2 gifted vocalists— a God provided skill. Brings tears to my eyes,” commented Doreen Scheffler.

” Amazing Grace” is estimated to be performed 10 million times annual and has appeared on more than 10,000 albums, according to Biography.

Krauss, 49, is understood for her smooth vocals and music that combines folk, country, and bluegrass affects. She released her album “Now That Ive Found You” in 1995, which increased her popularity in the mainstream arena.

” This is what we require to assist us through the toils and snares that is 2020. These two lovely voices that bring light to the darkness, thank you Mr. Bocelli and Ms. Krauss. We are blessed,” said Lauren Ralph.

Here are some responses from YouTube audiences.

” Allison has actually aged so extremely well and her voice is as stunning as ever. As for our dear Maestro, he is timeless,” wrote James Alexander Holland.

The tune was penned by John Newton, a former enslaver, who converted to Christianity after receiving a miracle at sea. He hoped to God amidst the deadly scenario, and incredibly, the cargo shifted to fill a hole in the ships hull.

” Yea when this flesh and heart will failAnd mortal life will ceaseI shall possess within the veilA life of happiness and peace”

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Its a song about hope and deliverance– 2 things that the whole world needs right now.

We hope this tune motivates you simply as it did us. Enjoy the video below to hear the duos beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

” This is what we need to assist us through the toils and snares that is 2020. These 2 lovely voices that bring light to the darkness, thank you Mr. Bocelli and Ms. Krauss. The song was penned by John Newton, a previous enslaver, who converted to Christianity after receiving a wonder at sea. While aboard a ship, the vessel was caught in an awful storm. He prayed to God amid the dangerous circumstance, and surprisingly, the freight moved to fill a hole in the ships hull.

Performances like this can help lift your spirits and offer you hope– whether youre a Christian or not when life keeps tossing rocks at you.

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