Missing cat ends up thousands of miles away from home in Alaska. Here’s how he got home

FacebookTwo weeks later, Christinas husbands aunt saw an image of Panda on social networks. She came diminishing to their house and asked her what color collar Panda was wearing.

” I was holding my childs little Chihuahua, and I dislike to say this, but its true, I ended up dropping the little Chihuahua, and my phone,” she stated. … The reality that she turned the phone around and he was right there, I lost it.

When Christina read all the information of the post, she was shocked to learn that Panda had actually been discovered countless miles away at a Home Depot in Kenai, Alaska.

FacebookOnce Christina got in the Facebook group where Pandas photo had been published, she found that an animal rescue group called United Angels was already taking steps to get him back home.

” Hes investing all of his time inside,” Christina said. “I learned my lesson the hard way … He got grounded completely.

” It was amazing that they obtained us and leapt to assist immediately,” Christina said. “Honestly, if it wasnt for (United Angels), we would probably have not gotten Panda back, due to the fact that there was a lot of hoops to jump through.”

She thinks the cat had actually gotten into a boat or truck carrying a shipment to the store.

They waited and waited but got no message from anybody.

Facebook” It was chaotic, but it was a good busy,” Christina stated. They assisted us get our child home.”

Now that Panda is back home, Christina and her other half decided he must be kept inside all the time from now on. Theyre making sure that it will still be a satisfying experience for their cherished animal.

FacebookAfter winding up thousands of miles away from house, a lost cat finally reunited with his worried household.

” And I stated a brilliant green one. And she turns her phone around and goes, Isnt this Panda?” remembered Christina.

First, the cat had to be taken to a vet to be inspected out and get a health certificate that would enable him to take a trip by means of airplane. The vet stated Panda had actually reduced weight and was dehydrated, but he was still considered healthy.

When she and her husband recognized that Panda had actually been gone for too long, they understood something was wrong.

Christina then raised money to cover the expense of getting Panda back from Alaska.

” We had about a dozen people helping us look for some sort of indication or idea, like if he wound up getting captured by a coyote,” Christina informed TODAY.

Panda was flown from Kenai to Anchorage. He was then transferred to another airline, which took him from Alaska to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington, where his owners excitedly fulfilled him.

Panda disappeared from his Washington state house on October 8. In the beginning, his owner Christina Clevenger said she didnt fret too much when the feline didnt go home because she understood he liked to wander their 40-acre property and explore the outdoors.

In spite of their cumulative effort, Panda was nowhere to be discovered. On October 11, Christina published an image of the feline on numerous local Facebook groups, hoping someone who understood where he was would call her.

It had been one heck of an experience, and were so grateful that Panda is now back in his owners arms!

Facebook” It was stressful, but it was a good hectic,” Christina said. They helped us get our child house.”

” Hes investing all of his time inside,” Christina said. “I discovered my lesson the tough method … He got grounded completely. We provided him more toys to play with; he gets more treats.

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