Man saves girl from drowning, now she’s helping raise money for his dream wedding

Screengrab: WGAL-TVHow do you even begin to thank someone for conserving your life?

” I was thinking, This is not taking place, theres no method Im being pulled out,” Hayley recalled. “I was actually horrified.”

GoFundMeThankfully, another traveler neighbored with his fiancée. When he heard shouts coming from the ocean, Kevin Cozzi, a competitive swimmer, immediately dove into the water to rescue them.

” I swam as difficult as I might to her but undervalued the current, I had her on my back but it was slowly taking both people down,” she stated.

When Samantha asked her to come closer to the coast where she was sitting, Hayley was playing in the waves. As the girl tried to swim towards the coast, a strong rip present pulled her out to the sea.

Samantha Whiting, her mother, and her 10-year-old child Hayley were enjoying their last vacation day on August 15 at a beach in Monterey, California, when the unthinkable happened.

She established a GoFundMe page titled “A Hero Named Kevin” to raise cash for him and his fiancée, Maria Buenrostro, so they can have the wedding event and honeymoon of their dreams.

” Ive been swimming because I was 3 years of ages competitively, so I felt like I might get to them,” he told KFSN. “I went out there and as quickly as I got to the mama, I simply informed her to give me her child due to the fact that I knew she was having a hard time.”

” He conserved us,” Samantha said. “If it wasnt for him concerning grab her off of me, theres no other way that we both wouldve made it.”

Samantha heard her cry out for aid and swam to where she was. She handled to get Hayley on her back; nevertheless, the waves were too strong.

It took a few months, but Kevin and Samantha had the ability to reconnect after the latter published what took place to them in a Facebook group called Merced Neighborhood Watch. She had asked members to help her discover the hero who saved them from drowning in the ocean.

For this Texas mommy, she did it by assisting him get the wedding event of his dreams.

He got Hayley and carried her into the shore before a lifeguard took over.

Within a few hours, she was able to reach Kevin. Thats when Samantha came up with the idea of how best they can thank him.

Amid the mayhem of their near-drowning circumstance, the mommy only handled to get their rescuers given name. Wishing to thank him for conserving their lives, Samantha did all she might to discover him.

So far, the fundraising event has exceeded its $50,000 objective; it has now collected $51,696!

FacebookSamantha, on the other hand, believes they deserve this outpouring of support from the community.

FacebookSamantha didnt have to wait long. Within a couple of hours, she was able to reach Kevin. The male later discussed that he was forced to cancel his wedding event due to the fact that of the pandemic. Thats when Samantha came up with the concept of how best they can thank him.

Hayleys message to her rescuer is easy.

In an upgrade made on November 2, Samantha composed on the GoFundMe page that “Kevin and his fiancée are still so modest saying they dont deserve this.”

” I seem like if I had the cash to provide anything in life I would, due to the fact that they saved my world, my child. My family will now have a bond with this guy and his household forever, we ARE family now,” Samantha composed in the update.

The mother-and-daughter duo is planning to go to Kevins wedding event, which is set up fall of 2021.

Assist Kevin and Maria get the wonderful wedding event they are worthy of by donating to this GoFundMe.

” That lady being conserved was enough for me, honestly,” Kevin said.

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