Man finally reunites with dog after 200 days of separation, see their emotional reunion here

” God he looks terrific,” Pat stated. “Thanks for taking such excellent care of him.”

” Thats my kid,” Pat upon seeing Blue once again. “I missed you so much.”

As soon as everything was set, Pat drove 1,200 miles to choose up Blue and take him to their brand-new home in Texas.

Were pleased that this story ended happily for these 2 friends! You can make a contribution to the Washington County Animal Shelter to assist other dogs find their permanently home.

The shelter said its reunions like this one that motivates them to continue their work for the animals.

” Blues preferred toy in the shelter was a blue squeaky ball and in our video, he was playing with that ball,” Davis said. “Once we began the discussion with the owner he said, Yes, I have images of my dog. He sent us images of Blue in his home with that very same blue ball, which was his preferred toy in the house. It was insane.”

FacebookWhen the pandemic begun, the rescue had to close its doors to the general public and enable any gos to by visit only. With fewer people coming in at the shelter, the center had no choice however to wait on someone who would select up or embrace Blue.

” He was a happy-go-lucky canine. He was a little shy at initially, and he wasnt really fond of all the other canines being around him, but he was extremely affectionate to individuals and very loving to the staff,” Tammy Davis, the shelters executive director, informed The Dodo.

Now, Pat and Blue are back in Texas to begin a new life together.

He had been looking for Blue for about half a year, but he could not find him. Luckily, a friend saw the dogs video on Facebook and sent it to him.

FacebookWhether its in between pals, family, or pets and their owners, reunion stories are constantly worth reading about. These special minutes often generate feelings of excitement, pleasure, and shock all at the same time, which makes these events even more amazing.

If Pat was informing the fact, FacebookThe shelter had to verify.

He had actually given up all hope for a reunion when Pat lost his pet Blue about 6 months back. The puppy vanished when he was still living in Tennessee, but he eventually moved to Texas for work. Thats when he knew he d never see his beloved pet dog again.

When Pat lost his dog Blue about 6 months ago, he had provided up all hope for a reunion.” Blues preferred toy in the shelter was a blue squeaky ball and in our video, he was playing with that ball,” Davis stated. He sent us photos of Blue in his house with that same blue ball, which was his preferred toy at house. The shelter stated Blue appeared to be shocked upon seeing his owner. After that initial unbelief, the dog provided Pat lots of kisses and kept attempting to play ball with him.

The shelter then shared a video of Blue playing with his favorite ball on their Facebook page to increase his chances of being adopted. After a while, someone commented, “Thats my dog.”

In early April, the shelter received a call about a stray pit bull that had actually shown up at a strangers house. They right away sent an animal control officer to get the lost puppy and take him to the shelter.

Pat didnt know that his friend was saved by the Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee.

” We wish that every animal could have a delighted ending like that,” Davis said. “It makes all of our effort worth it to be able to have minutes like this.”

The shelter said Blue appeared to be surprised upon seeing his owner. But after that preliminary unbelief, the pet offered Pat lots of kisses and kept trying to play ball with him. The heartfelt reunion was caught by personnel at the rescue.

FacebookPat rested on the flooring of the shelter and took a great look at his dog. He valued that he remained in good shape regardless of being separated from him for 200 days.

Nobody understood the length of time the canine had actually been residing on the streets. However what they understood was that the pet dog loved human beings. He loved every individual he fulfilled at the shelter.

View the video below to witness the sets heartwarming reunion.

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