Polish artist uses real pressed flowers and leaves to create stunning floral collages

Anastasia KovalevaHer work is deeply imaginative and really delicate, influenced by natural types, colors, and shapes discovered in the natural world. Her design combines traditional mediums and natural products to create an unique look. She has actually been amazed with botanical art considering that early youth and participated in Floral and Pressed flower style courses as an extracurricular activity all throughout her academic year.

She likes to take a walk in the park and look for new flowers and leaves.

” I didnt realize that I would acquire a lifelong passion there and a dear buddy. Throughout this time Ive had the ability to incorporate graphic styles and aspects of sculpture into my work, and present intense colors and different backgrounds while still depending on natural products as the base for everything I do. ”

Anastasia KovalevaThere is currently a lot of brand-new interesting new work remaining in the field of illustration. Numerous brand-new artists are exploring their capabilities in the craft, producing new trends, and forming a brand-new generation of talent.

Anastasia Kovaleva” I began producing floral collages about 17 years earlier. I rapidly fell for the little studio I worked at, all of the unusual and different products made it like a treasure chest for me, and I fell in love with my teacher Irina, who opened that terrific world for me and shared with me her love and regard for natural products.”

I have to touch every piece lots of times before utilizing them in my art works. Its an extremely painstaking method to work but I enjoy it really much.”

Anastasia KovalevaShe can show people that something really common, something they may stroll by every day without observing, can end up being art. Mixing her own strategies with different components of illustration art permits revealing a new method to reveal pushed flower art, share her love and enthusiasm, introduce new products and strategies.

Work with natural products is an extremely lengthy procedure from the starting to the end. It takes a long period of time to discover and maintain.

Anastasia KovalevaYou will never ever find the very same leaf two times, and that is why each leaf is such a treasure. There is no painting in her flower illustrations. her works emphasize small information of particular aspects to each piece is remarkably crafted with excellent love and attention to products.

Sometimes the tiniest flower or leaf can motivate the entire job. I like to check out various materials and my capability to utilize them in various ways”

Anastasia KovalevaHer work is deeply imaginative and extremely fragile, inspired by organic types, colors, and shapes discovered in the natural world. Anastasia Kovaleva” When I prepare pressed flowers and leaves I lay them out in between the pages, I have to turn them as they dry and make sure they keep their natural colors. I have to touch every piece numerous times before using them in my art works. Its an extremely painstaking way to work however I enjoy it extremely much.”

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Her art work include various subjects: animals, birds, portraits, botanical illustrations, landscapes, and many others. She works in the standard Oshibana strategy, produces contemporary flower collages, and botanical illustrations.

Products like pencils, paints, paper, and even plants or have been readily available to us for numerous years, and now they are handling a brand-new meaning, and being used in ways we formerly couldnt even think of. Anastasia Kovaleva found a new method of utilizing plants in illustration art, explore them to discover makeovers within the selected techniques.

” For me, the procedure of developing illustrations from plants is a type of magic too. It begins at absolutely nothing, but all of a sudden acquires volume and shadow, and becomes alive. Unusual natural materials, pushed flowers or paper when controlled, transform into ageless objects and three-dimensional sculptures.”

Her primary motivation originates from nature. She likes to take a walk in the park and try to find brand-new flowers and leaves. So she typically spends much time preparing flowers and tending to them as they dry.

Anastasia Kovaleveva is a botanical and mixed media artist based in Wrocław, Poland. Her technique is based upon nature and everything that nature so generously offers us. She utilizes pressed flowers, foliage, and numerous other products that are discovered in forests, roadsides, and gardens of Poland.

She went to college and finished as an accountant, however numerous years later recognized that her enthusiasm remained in creating art. Several years later she graduated from Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland. She is a winner of several International pressed flower competitions in Japan and South Korea.

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